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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. cellarbro

    Just placed an order. Will give them a try for my IE800.
  2. garcsa
    Measurements: L/M/S
    Diameters cca : 13/12/11 mm.
    Height cca: 10/9/9 mm. 
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  3. bvng3540
    After waiting 3 weeks for the tips to arrived, worth the wait, I have it on my Layla the fit is tight feel like one of my custom, the bass is fantastic, I has TRY so many tips available and none give me the isolation and the comfort these give to my ears, will order some more to stock up, thanks @garcsa
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  4. hqssui
    Are these similar to Sony hybrid tips? Anyones owns both?
  5. blazinblazin

    Sounds different.
    The Hybrid do affect the overall sound a little.
    These are more neutral. Dont affect the sound much.
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  6. hqssui

    This is interesting. Thanks a lot.
  7. Morimoriya 62
    Hi guys
    Does anyone has tried with VEGA or Andromeda ?
  8. fzman Contributor
    Me, with the Vega.
  9. Morimoriya 62
    can I ask about sound and comfortable ?Although most similar to what is foam tips or silicone ?
  10. garcsa
    Aslshark likes this.
  11. blazinblazin

    Good seal
    Dont affect the sound much like others do
    Comfort, i would say depends on the size you choose.

    For me the small is too small for me and medium is a bit big for me but able to fit. I felt lump in my ear. But after a peroid of use, i think the foam soften a bit, so now is comfortable for me.

    But anyway the Wide bore version is releasing like stated above.

  12. blazinblazin
    Nice! i will order some
  13. Morimoriya 62
    Thanks a lot bro
  14. garcsa
  15. Sound Eq
    can you inform me what is the difference 
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