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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. manukmanohar
    I wish I had known about this thread before i placed the order. I ordered the symbio w medium tips following advice from fellow head-fier. Unfortunately, these don't fit me well at all, and hence make the sound worse (using a Magaosi X3, which I've found to be very tip dependent, based on isolation). i found the M to be very big and quite uncomfortable.

    So, decided to order another set of 3 tips. Was thinking this time I'll order both W and N tips. Can someone let me know whether N tips medium are supposed to be as big as W tips medium.

    In that case, I will request to change my order to 2 W small tips and 1 N small tips. (instead of N medium)
  2. garcsa

    Dear @manukmanohar,

    I'm sorry to hear that.
    PM sent.

    Let me announce that we accepted our customers ( Yours :) ) comments and suggestions about the size of the W series!
    So... subtle changes....
    A bit smaller, a bit just a bit..., softer and more comfortable (still great isolation! ), new sexy shape (ok, just a bit...).
    So there is New Symbio W !
    From middle of June.
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  3. Chessblitzer2017
    ^^ good marketing plan ... So now I just purchased a set of n and ws got em few weeks back(I was the kid crying about a stupid little xtra week garc haha) but returned my periodic be cause it was boring so no clue how these sound but assume great and waiting on next iem shipment so the question is .....haha do ya just go for the leap haha u feel m real good marketing like a mk2 version(pun intended...ak t8ie mk2 if ya didn't know from the avatar noobs). If you loved the first, don't miss out on the new, ladies ! It's only a little 15 bucks afterall rite (; haha. Next let's try a medium small aaaand hmm medium large like spiral dots has available. Wat medium is a tad too large/small? Ok, well here ya go fellas haha (; luv it luv it luv it
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
    garcsa likes this.
  4. Chessblitzer2017
    Shoulda went 1 s, 2 m live n learn brotha, this guy went 1 s w 1 m w 1 m n didn't care that i chose the W listing xD thinking outside the w listing ftw !
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  5. garcsa
    PM sent.
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  6. Crumblenaut

    Whilst you're making changes, any chance of a new XL Symbio W, slightly bigger than the current L :fingers_crossed:
  7. Bosk
    Great news!
  8. manukmanohar
    That's great news!! in that case, kindly ship my order, once these are ready :)

    I assume, the new small tips will be the same size as the old small tips, and hence i should get small tips only??
  9. commtrd
    Couple questions: Where can these be bot in the United States? I don't do eBay so where else? And does anyone know what the nozzle size is for the Audeze LCDi4? I haven't found any real comfortable tips for these phones and always keep going back to my LCD-X just because they are a whole lot more comfortable for me. Just ordered a carbon fiber/leather headband for the X BTW. Anyway I would like to try some of these tips before putting the LCDi4 up for sale. Any help appreciated.
  10. swesko
    Still waiting for mine to show up :)
  11. garcsa
    Not yet US retailer. We are working on this.

    iSine20, same stem diameter. Symbio W.


    Main photo by RAQemUP

    PM sent :wink:
    HungryPanda and commtrd like this.
  12. commtrd
    So who would be the recommended retail provider exclusive of Ebay?
  13. garcsa
    @commtrd Me. Please check your PM.
  14. garcsa
  15. garcsa
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