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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. garcsa
    Symbio N will remain the same for a while time.
    Therefore enjoy Symbio N.
    Can't write here nothing else ... :gs1000smile: :smile_phones:

    „ We are here to serve your In Ear Monitores! ”
  2. swesko
    Haven't received my tips yet and it's been a month now :) untracked packages suck
  3. garcsa
  4. holden4th
    I received my Symbio Wides today, a mixed package of S M and L so I could gauge what size to use on a permanent basis. I have read through this thread and noted that size may be an issue. It was!

    I started off with the mediums as that is what I normally use with all other tips. I rolled them between forefinger and thumb and after a bit of a struggle to get them in my ears they sat there and sealed very well. I then played through a variety of favourite tracks and noticed that bass was more pronounced and deeper which make sense if the tips seal very well. I felt that there was a little bit of bloat as well. What I also noticed is that there was a bit of a 'veil' across the music and that imaging was not quite as pinpoint as it was with the silicone tips I am using with my Flare Pros. After a while the tips got uncomfortable.

    I replaced them with the Smalls and the difference was immediate. The 'veil' lifted, imaging returned and the soundstage improved. Why a smaller set of the same tips should do this is beyond my comprehension but that's what happened.

    With the Flare Pros I've used all three sets of their tips (medium size) and haven't been totally happy and found the silicons the best choice. None of the tips really provide a great seal and it's usually just one side which also provides a slightly uneven listening experience.

    Outside of the full shells I put on my Flare R2As, these are the best tips for seal that I've ever used. Outside noise is virtually non-existent. The discomfort I felt with the mediums has been alleviated by the smaller size.

    These are now my tip of choice, supplanting Spinfits, Spiral Dots and Ortofons.
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  5. HungryPanda
    I found I needed to use a smaller size than usual
  6. holden4th
    Was that with the wide bores? I'm wondering if the normal bores are different as far as fit goes.
  7. HungryPanda
    Wide bore for earphones that have larger nozzles
  8. holden4th
    ...but will the normal bores still fit my Flares?
  9. HungryPanda
    I think so
  10. garcsa
    Hi guys,

    Please don't forget that Symbio W have its own gentle dilatation force.
    After squeezing and putting the eartips in the ear canal the memory foam parts expands and push the silicone flange to the ear canal walls.
    You can feel that "bigger than usual..."
    S : same size as Spiral Dots and CP100, M : 0.1mm, L : 0.18 mm bigger (in Diameter)....
    Symbios will isolate without pushing them deep in the ear canal.

    Yep, will fit Flares Pro .
    Expandable bores ...
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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  11. KLK2A1
    Garcsa, any update on when these will be available?
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  12. garcsa
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  13. KLK2A1
  14. holden4th
    Just to clarify, these are the updated version of the Wides? I just purchased a mixed pack from your English supplier Audio Sanctuary. I am assuming that these are the older tips and that the ones on your site a bit softer. That said these are quite comfy but I had to go down a size to achieve this though the results are very good.
  15. garcsa
    These are the "new" ones:
    2.JPG 1.JPG
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