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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. HifiNinjaSmash
    Which tip diameter are recommended for GR07? I'm assuming the Symbio W—but just wanted to double-check before placing an order. Looking forward to trying these out though, when I look at them they remind me of the Monster SuperTips foamies, but with silicone all over... which is a good thing for me, those SuperTips sounded pretty good for foam tips.
  2. Tex Irie
    @garcsa would you recommend using the Symbio N large tips if my ideal fit is in between the Symbio W small and medium tips? Or do you plan on making a medium small Symbio W similar to the Spiral Dot tip diameters?
  3. garcsa
    GR07s stem diameter is 3.5mm.
    PM sent.
  4. garcsa
    New types this year surely no.
    PM sent
  5. holden4th
    The main thing I'm finding with the Symbios is the seal. Using other tips if I move my head up or down the sound is significantly affected. I've got Flare Pros and even with their best tips moving my head can increase or lower bass and change the soundstage. This doesn't happen with the symbios which probably means that they are sealing properly.

    I've got a set of Flare Golds on the way and I'll bypass the tips that Flare provide and use the Symbio Ws
  6. Tex Irie
    I just received my order about 3 days ago. Hopefully the Symbio N tips will fit my Andromeda's. I love your products by the way.
    garcsa likes this.
  7. Colors
    Recently ordered the wide notes.

    Hoping it goes well. Got some A&K JHA and Empire Ears earphones.

    Comply series T-400 to T-500 for them.
  8. EddHarbin
    Which o e fits the Bragi Dash Pro.
  9. mochill
    I need some w ones :O
  10. Arkady Duntov
  11. Colors
    Got mine my Symbio W today.

    Great isolation. Sound wise, it varies with IEMs. Sounds great with my IT01, but my Roxanne II sound better with Spinfit and Bravado sound better with FA tips. Medium is also a tad larger than I expected. Best to buy a variety pack of sizes and tip roll to see if it’s for you.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
  12. Arkady Duntov

    I finally remembered to try the MandarinES Ns which I purchased along with the Ws. I bought these for my Campfire Atlas.

    Fit Ratings on the Atlas:

    1. MandarinES N
    2. MandarinEs W
    3. Spiral Dots
    4. SpinFit CP-240

    Sound Ratings on the Atlas:

    1. MandarinES N / SpinFit CP-240
    3. MandarinES W
    4. Spiral Dots
  13. holden4th
    My Symbios W direct from @garcsa arrived yesterday and I am trying them now. These are the newer tips and you can see the physical difference if you look at the back. With the older ones the foam doesn't go all the way down the stem. With the latest version the foam is flush with the end of the stem. The new ones do sound different. The sibiliance on Mary Black's "Bright Blue Rose" is reduced but I am thinking that maybe the treble is taking a hit. This is with my Flare Pros. Listening to the Master version of Grace Jones "Nightclubbing" on Tidal (which sounds superb) this is not evident. The bass is clear, impactful and extended, especially the sub bass.

    I am also wondering If I have pushed them too far into my ears and not been patient enough to wait for them to seal in their own good time. I'm having a play now, squeezing them and watching how they go back into shape. You can't roll them like Comply foams, they are not soft enough for that. So I am wondering if I simply just pushing them into my ear is the best way of inserting them.

    I got the SSM pack and might experiment with the mediums but I suspect that they'll be too big. It's also time to get a set of the Ns.


    The mediums fit and make a difference in the sound but I am wondering about comfort levels. My ear canals are feeling very warm which is what I hated about the Comply foamies. Maybe I'll wait until my Flare Golds arrive before I experiment further though I do like experimenting......
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  14. garcsa
    "Before inserting the earphone in your ear canal, squeeze and roll the ear tip. Be sure that the foam part is squeezed, allows the easy insertion." - from the manual.
  15. snip3r77
    What size should I buy if I’m using size ML for jvc spiral dot ?
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