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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. HifiNinjaSmash
    I’m gonna guess the Mediums, but you get three pairs—each pair could be S, M, or L depending on your choice. Might want to do two mediums and a large?

    Also, make sure you get the right Symbios for your eartip nozzles. The N are for IEMs with a ~3.8mm stem (i.e.: GR07s) and the W are designed for larger IEMs. Garcsa’s website has some more details and I’m sure you could PM him with specific questions regarding your IEMs / current tips
  2. holden4th
    I got the impression that both the W and N would fit on most iems though obviously there would be exceptions.
  3. snip3r77
    @garcsa which one to buy for Massdrop Plus?
    Would I be safe if I buy size M if currently I'm using JVC Spiral Dot ML Size ( L is too large for me ). Thanks
  4. garcsa
    Symbio W, Size M.
  5. natejlong
    How does the isolation on these compare to something like a custom?
  6. holden4th
    It's very close because the seal is so good. I have custom shells on my Flare R2As and if there is no music I can hear it faintly if I click my fingers. I get a similar effect with the Symbios. I've got the aircon on at the moment and I can hear it though it is faint. When I play music I can't hear the aircon or my fingers clicking. The same for the Customs. The customs I've got are acrylic and being a hard shell won't seal absolutely perfectly but they get very close. The Symbios do seal extremely well and I'd say they are better then my custom shells. Silicon customs might be better as they will expand a bit more in your ear after they warm up than the acrylic ones. All I can say is that the Symbios are the best sealing tips I've ever used.
  7. garcsa
    Pinky Powers says: "It's probably the closest thing you'll find to custom fit in universal form."
    PinkyPowers likes this.
  8. Tex Irie
    @garcsa Thank you for the prompt shipping. The Symbio N Medium is perfect for the Andromeda if the Small Spin Fits were too small and the Medium Spin Fits put too much pressure on your ear canal. Or the Medium Small Spiral dots didn't seal enough.
    garcsa likes this.
  9. holden4th
    Yes, you're probably right. My Flare R2As have full shells and I got these because I couldn't get the isolation I wanted with the available tips. The downside with someone like me who tends to produce a lot of earwax is that the full shells push the wax almost on to your ear drums.

    I'm tempted to take the shells off and use the Symbios but my mind baulks at the fact that the shells cost me a bit of money. Once I take them off I can't put them back on. Decisions..but they'd make a great set of traveling iems with the Symbios.
  10. tuanathon
    These are currently out of stock on your website. Do you know when you will have some Wide Mediums back in stock?
  11. MarkF786
    @garcsa I've bought both the Symbio N and W in medium sizes to try the fit. Though they fit relatively well, I'd like to try the large size of each. Would you be willing to sell a pair of both the N & W for the ~$15 rather than having to buy three pairs of N and three pairs of W?

  12. garcsa
    In stock cca 10 days .
  13. garcsa
    PM sent
  14. T.D.C
    I have two pairs. These are exceptionally good for UIEM with huge bores like Noble Kaiser line.
    I push the bore all the way through the tips canal so I get a deep insertion and still get good seal thank to the foam core.
  15. natejlong
    Good idea! I'll have to try that.
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