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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. Arkady Duntov
    For me, the color combinations can be somewhat difficult to read and could use more contrast on, say, a white background.

    But, I placed my order for a set of N's and a set of W's. Thanks.
  2. holden4th
    It’s hard to tell the difference between new and old. Are the new ones a lighter colour silicon? The ones I’ve got are almost brown not orange.
  3. Auxillium
    Ordered thru your site, @garcsa. My first time buying aftermarket tips, hope they're as good as i thought. Any estimate for delivery?
  4. garcsa
    PM sent.
  5. holden4th
    Also ordered via your site a 3 pack of wide bore SSM. Much cheaper than going through Audio Sanctuary and Paypal is a plus. I will also get some of the Normal bore but I am not sure if I should stick with the small size or try the mediums which are what usually fit my ears with other tips.
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  6. davesday
    Hi, just wanted to find out what is good for CA Atlas? Symbio N or W?
  7. garcsa
    Both will fit CA Atlas. Soundwise I prefer W.
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  8. davesday
    Thanks! I have just ordered a set. Can't wait!
  9. Mr.Vic
    Hello there.

    I'm also interested in buying the MandarinEs tips but I still don't know which I should choose : Symbio W or Symbio N?

    I am planning to use those tips on a pair of Audio Technica E70 and I'm not sure what would be the best fit...
  10. Arkady Duntov

    I placed my order on 6/28 and received them in the US on 7/6. I didn't pay anything extra for shipping. The packaging is minimal: a small, clear envelope, in a paper envelope, which is wrapped in a small sheet of paper. It's certainly acceptable.

    Fit: I bought them for the Campfire Atlas. I haven't had particularly good luck with any other tips on the Atlas, but the fit and isolation with W tips is great.

    Fit Ratings on the Atlas:
    1. MandarinEs W (by a long shot)
    2. Spiral Dots
    3. SpinFit CP-240

    Sound: I'm finding that I prefer the narrowest-bore tips. I think they tend to emphasize the bass frequencies (but, as a side effect, attenuate the treble), while the opposite is true for wide-bore tips. Many people prefer wide-bore tips.

    Sound Ratings on the Atlas:
    1. SpinFit CP-240 (when they fit properly)
    2. MandarinES W
    3. Spiral Dots
    Edit: Correct spelling errors.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  11. gorman
  12. natemact
    @garcsa could you please provide eta's for both shipping options to Canada. Thanks in advance.
  13. garcsa
    There is no significant difference between registered and non registered mail. Cca 11-16 days, both.
    natemact likes this.
  14. natemact
    Thanks. Ordering today. Will they knockoff my current fave for my Phantom? - Final Audio E. Let’s find out :D
  15. EddHarbin
    Which one for JVC HA-FX850?
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