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  1. bhazard
    Ordered. Sigh wallet.
  2. PsychoS
    Just ordered a pair this morning.  Now the waiting begins...[​IMG]
  3. EvoSpider
    How do these compare to the S500's? :D
  4. Dsnuts Contributor

    The HA-S500 are more portable cans as they are on ears. They are a touch on the bright side on open box because of the carbon nanotube diaphragms on them.. I am doing a head to head and the clear difference is the scale of sound we are talking about here. 40mm on ears vs 50mm fullsize..The Panasonics are much larger sounding in scope. Music notes have more weight and has more of a natural warmth to the sound vs the HA-S500. Can sound a bit colder in tonality. Paired up with a warmer smoother source the HA-S500 sound great. But tonality the Panasonics win.
    Treble response on first listen the HA-S500 seems like it has more treble but in reality it is their more leaner mid range that gives more focus to the treble on the HA-S500..My particular unit has over 2K hours of burn in and use so it has lost a lot of the bite of the carban nanotube sound.. The treble on the Panasonics don't stand out as much as the JVC simply because of the big fuller mid range of the Panasonics.. Where the Panasonics leave the HA-S500 is the mids. No comparison here. The HA-S500 are not really known for their mid range and many guys feel the cheaper HA-S400 had the better mid range..Then there is the bass. JVCs carbon based headphones all have strong bass but to me the control in the bass on the Panas are second to none in the region. 
    Carbon Nanotube bass has some very good speed and texture and here is where the JVCs are best. Their bass is fast for EDM which sounds great. The Fuller bigger sound of the Panasonics means the bass is slower but for hip hop. Sub bass I have to give it up to the Panasonics. Stage. The JVCs have the smaller stage..more thinner sound,.. For a bit more than the HA-S500. Give the Panasonics a try. I think you will be very pleased.
  5. Dsnuts Contributor

    Ya on close inspection it almost looks removable but alas it ain't. Though I can see some crafty folks figuring out a plug mod for these cans so they can use silver cables to up the sound..
    In fact I think I just gave myself a very crafty idea. Lol.. 
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Don't know if it is the burn in but I am detecting more sparkle from open listen.. Same track I used for treble extension seems to have much more presence this evening..So it seems the sound is filling out more so with burn in.
    These headphones sound best with more neutral sources. No bass boost needed. I have a feeling with bass boost these will become basshead material with ease. But as they are they have plenty of the low end to complete the full sound signature these have..
    I am eager to hear how you guys find the sound..Next week should be very interesting..
  7. Marximus
    I should have mine by Wednesday.
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    So today the sound is very close to settling to a final signature or so I think.. The depth in the sound is clearly a part of the sound design..Some might not like how deep/ big the sounds are. Vocals might sound a bit too lush. If there is such a thing.  The sound is so deep that you can clearly make out reverb effects from vocals where iems and thinner sounding phones might skip this aspect of vocal presentations all together. It isn't anything like unwanted resonance or anything like that because it truly depend on the recorded material . If the effect is added through the mix it clearly shows up in the sound on the 480s. This I like a lot.
    People that prefer ruler flat type linear presentations might not like these so much. You should look else were. But if you enjoy being surrounded by your music. These are unbelievable at that. I am hearing more micro details in the same music I was testing the headphones with on open box. So it seems detail improves with burn in but the sound signature remains the same. I want to say the bass control has also gotten even better with burn.. I absolutely love how the bass comes out only when it has it as a part of the recording..Bass emphasis is as strong as it needs to be if it is supposed to be in there. Be it for Jazz to hip hop. This my friends is too awesome in my book.
    Instrument placement and effects added to the instruments all shine like crazy on 480s. I can clearly tell the drivers used in these cans are of a higher quality than I have heard from Panasonics cheaper offerings..The sound is very engaging/ engrossing.. And ultimately is this not what listening to music should be about?. These are quickly growing on me over so many headphones and earphones I have owned..I ask myself so how much would a sound like this people be willing to shell out to hear if these didn't exist?
    Panasonic got it going on.. Looking at these plane jane cans you would have no idea.. Panasonic need to make a high end open can with this sound is all I am saying.
  9. waynes world
    ^ Well Ds, that makes me want them less... NOT!
    Nice follow up impressions! They definitely sound worthy. Love depth to the soundstage (as long as everything doesn't sound too far away).
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    No these would be the opposite of that..These are front row type sound. You are in the same stage type of sound.  You almost have to adjust to how full and big they sound they are so frontal..Frankly it sounds amazing with the right source. There are some similarities to the Cardas iems sound signature to these..The DX50 is synergy and a half with these cans..Engaging wise it really don't get too much better.. Walking around with these headphones and my DX50 on. I am very much surrounded by my music. It is awesome!
  11. waynes world
    I can imagine that they would sound rather good with the C3/BH combo as well! Want'em!
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Yup and while there is not a real drastic sound change with burn in. I am hearing better detail and control, and a tighter sound overall..I think the first batch of guys to get these should have them here real soon so you guys will get more impressions of these. I am thinking the snow ball on these are gonna get pretty large..If the sound was another me too sound or just OK with mediocre good sounding cans for the price, I don't know if I would have started a thread for them. I might have featured them on the discovery thread and that would have been that. But when a sound hooks me on the very first open box listen. I was all about starting this thread. I immediately smiled thinking.
    I bet those Panasonic guys been reading the old HTF600 thread or this is just a natural progression to bring Panasonic sound to the masses. I think a bit of both probably. In any case. Sound this good don't happen on sub $100 cans. I keep on saying that because I owned the best sub $100 cans and none of them can touch how these sound. Heck I practically wrote the reviews for them lol.  There are $200 cans that can't touch these in sound. I would say go for it with confidence that your getting something that is 1) very affordable 2) must be heard by guys that appreciate musical presentations. 
  13. slowpickr
    Mr. Nuts,
    Kind of confused by this statement in your OP:  "It is no where near a $100 phone in sound quality."
    This can be taken two ways: 1) crappy sound or 2) excellent sound that punches above the typical $100 phone.  Judging from the rest of your statements, I believe the latter to be the intent.  Is this correct?
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    That is right Mr pickr.
  15. jant71
    Seriously? Have you been reading the thread? [​IMG]

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