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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Sub bass don't hit like these do on a sub $100 phone. It just don't..Less bassy tunes have no bass emphasis, control of the low end is unheard of on these. This sound tightens up like it should we will have a serious contender in our midst..
  2. jwong
    How is the comfort of the pads, since they don't look like you'd find a standard replacement for them? Over ears?
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Yes over ears. They fit snug. I managed to fit my HM5 pads on them. So bigger pads will fit em. I didn't care for the sound however. It could use plushier pads but for what is on there they aren't bad..They can and will get a bit sweaty but nothing too terrible. I haven't tried them yet but the Beyer DT250 velour pads should fit on them..
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Funny story. So I tried to contact Panasonic to have them send me a review pair. I told them who I was and they probably thought I was some type of crazy prankster.
    I told them I was single handedly responsible for selling thousands of HTF600s for them. I probably was actually. Lol. And sent them a link to the HTF600 thread.  I guarantee they thought I was a crazy dude. I mean I introduce myself as Dsnuts.
    Ds who? Lol Real pro.!
    I have been listening to these for the past 2 hours straight using my X3 and 2Stepdance. These sound too nice. I can't wait till the collective here gets to hear these.  Will have some more observations with an overnight burn.
  5. nick n
    jeeze wondering about about 40 vs 50mm now.
    Just get a business card, or make it pronounced D.S. Nootz  to professionals "austrian name my dear man"
  6. Marximus
    Dang it, Dsnuts.  You need to stop recommending decently priced headphones.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    From memory I ended up trying out the 40mm version of the HTF600 and was very disappointed. I think the 40mm version should sound just fine as Panasonic seems to be using new drivers for these. The resolution and control is at a different level on these new phones vs the older HTF cans..I would just go with the 50mm version for a bit more.
    Marximus I remembered you enjoyed them HTF600s like the rest of us. I am confident you will like the progress Panasonic has made on these headphones..Would love to hear your take on these simply because you will be able to fully understand the leap in what Panasonic has done here.
    So I took a listen as soon as I got up this morning. The sound seems to have tightened up since open listen. The sound is shaping up quite well.. Will have another listen later.
  8. jwong
    Price just dropped to $74 on Amazon...
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Grab a pair...$74 for this sound is ridiculous...
  10. DannyBai
    Grabbed a pair. Can't resist this man's enthusiasm for it.
  11. Marximus
    Well, crap.  I ordered.  I just need to stop being a Head-Fi member:p.
    P.S.  Dsnuts, how long is the cable?  And are the drivers angled?  One of the first pairs of headphones I ever had was Panasonic, and there were cutouts for the ears, so although the earcups were pretty small, I never had issues with comfort.  I think also the RP-HTX7s had cutouts.  I don't remember about the HTF600s.
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    The drivers are not angled this time. So the stage is more intimate vs the semi open HTF600 but makes up for it with a much higher end presentation in sound. Much better precision and refinements abound..Can't wait to hear these tonight after they get the days worth of burn in. Earcups are smallish/ medium size. I know large ears are gonna have some issues with the cupsize but for my medium sized ears they fit perfectly. I will eventually try out different pads. I am thinking the M50 pads would fit these well. Might have to try those as the M50 pads are plushier from memory. I have the Shure SRH840 pads at home to try but those have a thick foam insert in the middle which will blot out some sound. Might have to cut that part out or take the foam on the drivers off. Either way. I already tried the HM5 pads and they actually fit perfectly but those pads are hit or miss when it comes to sound. Unfortunately it was a miss with the sound. Makes these sound weird.
    So all I can say is. Throw out any idea of what your expecting a sub $100 can is gonna sound like..It will happen and I will tell you so. Lol.
  13. DannyBai
    I'm thinking of finding some velour pads for these.
  14. Za Warudo
    Very interesting.  Is the cord removable?
  15. Marximus
    Roger.  Earcup diameter is not a huge problem for me, but rather depth.  The HTF600s were comfortable enough for me, so these should be fine.

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