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  1. jwong
    I'm just playing through the little ELE DAC right now, but I'll take them to the office tomorrow and hook them up to the O2.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
  3. bhazard
    It's not about synergy, it's about a massive midbass hump that just doesn't sound good for a lot of people. It can be adjusted easily though.
    I personally like bassy headphones, as it is much easier to cut bass than boost it.
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    I don't find the mid bass to be that offensive. I have certainly heard worse.. Though my pair does sound much tighter all the way around since I got them..I hope you all do the burn in..I would say at least a weeks worth. Have you tried them M50 pads?
    anything roomier/larger pads, will help the sound out as well.
  5. bhazard
    The M50 pads fit somewhat nicely actually. There seems to be a bit more treble response as well.
    I'm using the pads off my knockoff M50, but the real thing should be similar. I like it, try it.
    For anyone who hears mud, can you try amping them? My amp needs quite a bit of juice with these.
  6. DannyBai
    I've been messing with the 480's for most of the evening and here are some thoughts.  
    The sound is deep and dark.  I feel like I'm standing in a huge club all the way in the back.  The bass is big and bold.  There's good bit of mid-bass, more so than sub-bass.  It doesn't sound bloaty or muffled though.  I've noticed that it changes a lot with whatever music is playing.  Vocals sound quite nice, realistic for a sound this colored.  I didn't find female or male vocals to be altered all that much.  Treble has good sparkle but it seems to be only at the top end of the sound.  Overall I like the sound.  Not for reference sake but I've heard much much worse.  
    I took the foam off and some of that veil lifted.  I'd give this a shot since it's easy to put back on.  I also used my Hifiman pleather and velour pads with the foams off.  The Hifiman pads have a thin screen on the pads which are thinner than the foam on the Panny's.  The pleather pads kept the bass for the most part but it is less bassy and the sound widened.  The velours even more on both.  I personally liked the velours.  Almost sounds like a different headphone all together.  
    Will burn some more and see what happens.  
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
  8. bhazard
    I'm from a different line of thinking. I don't let the oft chance of burn in correct headphones, I do. Even my HE-500 needs correction to sound its best.
    Adding an amp, using M50 pads, and cutting the 100-200hz region by a few db fixes just about anything negative this headphone has stock. I like the sound quite a bit.
    Plugging this directly into a phone won't really bring out what these can do. Your phone won't give them the 1000mw they can take.
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
  10. Mad Max
    More like destroyed.  [​IMG]
  11. bhazard
    Why wipe the thread completely? It's a bit sketchy, and makes people question the intentions of the thread.
    If you did not like the headphone in the end, why not just say so? Now 6 pages of info is lost to those searching for for some on these.
  12. epithetless
    Yeah, it's pretty bizarre. Dsnuts, a comment, perhaps? (Something more than a period or random smiley, that is... [​IMG])

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