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  3. bhazard
    Sounds like another awesome headphone. Needs a lot more people to pick up on it and chime in over other recent deals and finds being at $82 however.
    Have you heard the $30 Tascam TH-02 yet that Innerfidelity gave a great measurement on? They're actually quite good. I'd love to know where the Panasonic falls between that, an M50, and the M-80 (which was $40 at Radioshack recently). I may have to grab these if they go on sale somewhere within the next few weeks.
  4. DannyBai
    Glad it turned out to sound good.
  5. waynes world
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Wish I had a pair of M100s. But I think these would give them a run for sound quality..Sub bass on these 480s are SICK!.Kicks in with the force of ten hammers..
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
  8. DannyBai
    You can always compare with my pair.  Got the new plush pads to go with it which tames the bass down some.  
  9. mochill
  10. RoMee Contributor
    Panasonic is not a brand I associate with high quality build and sound especially after my experience with the HTF600 so spending more than $40 on a panasonic is not something I want to do.
    I'm sure it'll sound fine but right now I rather buy something with a better record of quality.
  11. risenfallen
    I've had the HTF600s for sometime and never really bothered to take care of them (they have not died on me yet). The build quality seems not too robust but I'd say it's more than acceptable for the price. Very interested in these 480s but I'd wait to see if the price go down a bit.
  12. jwong
    I'm curious how the cheaper 470s compare...
  13. nick n
    Panasonic = Technics = Matsush!ta Company
    They've been making headphones forever, I have a couple orthodynamics from them even, though I suppose in recent times it's maybe all gone lower end consumer stuff, with the exception of the Technics DJ specific use cans ( all hail Nujabes!).
    Was particularly happy to see these newer ones being released and hope it is a step in the improved direction. They certainly have the massive manufacturing background and resources to hit the market hard if they decide to. Like to see them follow Philips in this regard. Certainly he market should be agreeable to that.
    I can't stop thinking about the 470  might see about grabbing one locally. The 40mm smaller driver doesn't necessarily mean lower quality.
    RE: htf600: Also why would you be judging a more expensive one based on impressions from a less expensive one? Companies can make all levels of quality. Heck the hd800 is plastic even.
    Sometimes you get what you pay for, but of course jury is still out until more folks get these.
    Thanks for taking the plunge on these Dsnuts.[​IMG]
    By the way the 480s are all gloss finish, the 470 are matte.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Thank you nick for showing me these. They did an outstanding job on these phones. Been playing them on my DX50 with excellent results. Synergy and power for days..I can understand guys might not have liked the old HTF600 but I can assure everyone Panasonic has stepped up their game on these cans. Don't be afraid to give them a try fellas..I own many a cans that cost much more these give some serious competition to..This sound is perfect for on the go..Much better clarity and detail level over the old HTF600..
    These compete easily with the WS99 my Onkyos and MDR-1Rs. Will do some comparisons once these get some time on the burner..
  15. nick n
    THAT WS99 comparison [​IMG] wow.   Those were things that got me interested in dynamics again, all thanks to Waynesworld and our "short" 5 hour+ minimeet. 
    Break those suckers in let's see what they can do... Really excellent you have those other things to compare to for a relative baseline folks can see what to expect.
    The styling alone keeps me wondering if someone there took some time to research or was in the know already, might be an indicator of things to come since that style seems missing after a certain point in all their modern stuff.. See what i mean ( I could be seeing what I want to see though  this place will do that)

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