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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    Will do this soon. This week is not a good one for me because of all the finals I have in my medical school. But I will get around to doing some head to head comparos.
  2. Marximus
    Grr, mine got sent to the wrong Amazon address.  Might not get them until Thursday or Friday.  Blech.
  3. slowpickr
    Yes, I was under some wrong impressions for a while though[​IMG].  These definitely sound promising.  Been looking forward to the CAL!2's hitting Amazon and now these come up.  Beginning to think that I will need to use the home equity line of credit option with my mortgage lender to finance all of these new headphone cravings!
  4. bhazard
    Got mine today, because Amazon Daily Deal + Amazon Prime = new HT480 owner in a day.
    Yes, these are worth $80, I'd say up to $150-$200 even, depending on the competition. Yes, these easily equal the M50 sound quality wise, and I like the look of these too.
    The bass really does extend low, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a good sized mid bass hump in a freq response chart. It is more prominent bass wise than the M50, but retains the same level of clarity in the mids, vocals, and highs.  I'm a "clarity basshead", so this hits the kind of signature I like without needing EQ. Once a chart does appear for these, I'd be eager to see how they sound with a corrected response.
    Only an hour in, and it sounds like it could use some taming in the 100-200hz region, but otherwise, these are awesome.
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    You recently got your M50s no?. Once you get used to the full sound on these. Going back to the transformers like treble distant mid range and small stage of the M50. I have a feeling those are not gonna be able to hang...
    M50s are decent but there are so many better than them.. 
    AS per the mid bass. I don't mind if it is a full signature like this one..Sound does tighten up a touch with burn in so I recommend you throw them on some bassy music and let them drivers loosen up.
  6. bhazard
    Oh they sound fantastic on bass heavy music. These go great with some rap and EDM for sure.
    M50s are ok out of the box, but after correction they are pretty great, as are the S500 I just tuned, and just about any other good headphone I own. 
    Try EQing the area around 100-200hz down about 3-4db and see if things tighten up for you like they did for me.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya the perceived warmness I heard on open box was probably due to the elevated bass emphasis in the region. I can confirm the low end tightens up as the tonality in the sound is less warm and leaning more and more toward a neutral tone. This tells me the low region and overall sound has tightened up. They simply sound sublime using my DX50.. Sounds absolutely mind blowing using my 2Stepdance amp..
    I can definitely tell the treble response has also opened up more so with burn in..These seem to have a real nice mix of extension and sparkle without any harshness..Gotta love that sub bass rumble.
  8. jwong
    Hey bhazard, how do they compare to the Takstar HD5500?
  9. bhazard
    Very similar signature actually. I'll have to check later.
    The Panasonic might have a bit deeper extension and a bigger midbass hump. The bass on both can also be prone to sometimes bleeding into the low mids without correction, sometimes, not always. Either way, the Panasonic, HD5500, and S500 all have great extended bass, yet still remain exceptionally clear compared to most bassy headphones.
  10. jwong
    Thanks for the impressions. My 5500s are on the slow boat from China, but my Panasonics will be here today.
  11. Oregonian
    How is the overall comfort - headband specifically? 
    Does it appear the ear pads can be swapped to something like the Alpha or other common ones?
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    I managed to install HM5 pads on them for a more roomier cup. Unfortunately the sound wasn't that great using the pads. So larger circumaural pads should fit these even though they squareish in size. Comfort wise. It is not the most comfortable as there is a clamp but not terrible either. I have had plenty worse.. I would just give them maybe a C grade for comfort. I am thinking M50 pads would fit these cups.. @ bhazard. Can you try this? I gave away my M50s to my brother in law a long time ago so I don't have them on hand to try or I would .. The stock pads and clamp fit securely which is actually a good thing for portable use. I need to take em off after an hour or so just to give my ears a breather.. Otherwise not to shabby in comfort. Larger pumpkin head folk might have more issues with the clamp. Small to medium/ average sized heads should be fine.
    Headband does put a bit of pressure on the middle of the head but again not too terrible..I can see how this might bug some guys if they don't like having any pressure at all on the the top of the head.
  13. bhazard
    I'll give it a shot later.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am thinking the plushier padding of the M50 should make for better comfort..If the M50 pads end up being what I hope it will be on these I am gonna have to order me a pair.
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    I just threw on my Shure SRH840 pads on the Panas and I am liking the better comfort,. I tried installing my Beyer T250 velours. Unfortunately they will not work. A bit too small. But I am digging the much better comfort and sound of these Shures..
    The stock pad configuration on the cups have a thin sheet of acoustic foam over the driver and I initially installed the Shure SRH840 pads over the stock acoustic foam. The Shures have acoustic foam stitched onto the pads as well so. The results for the sound was what you would think it would. I liked the better comfort, but 2 foam pieces and the sound was not as sharp as I would have liked. SO I had to either take out the foam on the cups or take out the foam on the Shure pads.
    I took the foam off the cups. I can always put it back on but i thought this was the easier choice of the two..The end results.. The acoustic foam on the Shure pads of a higher quality.. More detail comes through this foam...The larger cups of the Shure SRH840 pads seems to open up the sound more so as well. A touch more wider stage as a result..Excellent.
    I am about to take my DX50 and the Panas to the library gonna test out how well it isolates.

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