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  1. Marximus
    Got mine in today.  Super early (of course) impressions:  they're dull and muddy, quite a veiled sound.  The sound to me is reminiscent of a lot of cheap headphones:  relatively poor clarity and not very well defined bass.  Clamp is pretty substantial, although I think my head is a little larger than normal.  I'm comparing these with my Denon D600s, so it's not really a fair comparison, but I honestly expected more for $80 (higher retail).  All other things being equal, from what I remember, I'd take the Philips Citiscape Uptowns (they can be found at this price or less) over the Panasonics.  I'll do some burn-in and come back to them later, but right now I'm not thrilled.
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    This is too bad. Lol. Time for a return.
  3. waynes world
    Mr 1 Post, if you haven't heard them yourself, then please go away and stop trying to stir up trouble. 
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    If Marx gives them a chance they will grow on him.. Like the old HTF600 did. Then he will sell it and move onto the next can. That is his way. But I can understand his thoughts on the sound...Myself on the other hand I have been listening to these non stop in the library using my DX50. The square stock pads was pushing into my jaws on the bottom end of the cups and while it wasn't terrible the Shure pads are more oval in shape so there is less of this happening with the shure pads..I noticed upon more listening some changes in the sound presentation.
    Much like how wider pads on the HA-S500 ended up balancing the sound much for the better so does the wider Shure SRH840 pads on these cans. I do like the stock pads on the 480s but based on how the SRH840 pads ended up sounding. The mids are much more open on these pads and not as forward sounding as the stock pads. Less mid bass and much cleaner presentation as a result..It seems to me that the stock pads are pushing the mid bass and mids more forward in their stock sound presentation.
  5. jwong
    Hmm. I have to say, I agree mostly with Marximus, at least in initial listening. The sound is very veiled.
    This confuses me, as I've most agreed with Dsnuts in the past. I can dial in a significant EQ cut in the midbass and bass and get a pretty pleasing sound out of these, but out of the box they are muddy. I'll see if that clears up any with some playing.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    They are kinda messy sounding on open box. Lol. Ya. It is the forwardness of the sound.. But give em a chance.. If you guys have more neutral sources try them out.. No bass boost needed that is for certain. Also do the burn in. These definitely benefit from a burn in.
  7. DannyBai
    We're all not gonna agree on how people present the gears they review but I've purchased around ninety percent of the gears Dsnuts have reviewed or given impressions on and none have been disappointing.  And if something breaks, go moan at the manufacturer not the person reviewing it.  Jeez.  
    I received the Panny's today and I'm burning them in at the moment so I'll throw some impressions later but immediate listen and they sound pretty good with some EDM.  
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    It is fair I suppose we all take chances at hearing new gear and I certainly don't expect everyone to hear phones like I do. I like to think I hear a bit differently than most. I like all sorts of sound presentations. Be it open ended neutral flat to as colored as these Panasonics. But I enjoy what I enjoy. I know guys all have a strict preference they stick to when listening to gears. I was kinda in the same boat Mr Sub was in. I would follow another persons impressions on a can only to be met with something that clamped so hard and sounded so dark it kinda pissed me off. But I learned from that thread and actually became good friends with the guy that did the impression.
    I come from an old school background in sound so I do enjoy a bigger fuller presentation and bass is a big part of that sound..My best advice is. If you get it from Amazon and don't enjoy the sound. No harm no foul. Just get a return label and it was one type of sound you didn't agree with. You can look at it as a negative experience or a positive one. As you certainly can learn about different sound signatures you like or dislike. On these threads I have seen guys call the clearest sound to my own ears muddy. And supposed muddy cans as clear as it gets.. So it is all within what one considers a good sound.
    The sound on these cans are colored but in a way that is very enjoyable for me..If you don't hear it like I do then like I said no harm no foul. Just return them simple as that.
  9. nick n
    Dsnuts you are using Shure 840 pads at the moment? With or without that foam center in the pads, or simply foam free? What's that setup currently?

  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    I took the stock foams on the cups off instead of cutting out the ones that are on the Shure pads it is just stuck on there with some double sided tape so it was easier than cutting out the foam on the Shure pads...
    The Shure SRH840 pads are much more roomier around my ears..My ears fit the stock pads but because they are square the stock pads end up being smaller than their size would indicate..
  11. nick n
    Think the foam is even necessary?  The highs should pop a bit more with nothing especially if the Shure foam wasn't there. If worried about reflections applying the thin adhesive felt on the baffle face around the driver would work.  Sorry modification-brain in effect.
    Stock stuff : If it was semi-dense then the highs will be cut back a touch unless it's so thin it's just a dustguard. I know the Shure pads well  = easy to slice that center out and put back if needs be unless you don't want to. 
    Just random thoughts.
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya I know the overall sound will get clearer even more so without the foam insert. With the Shure foam it does sound more detailed than the stock foams so I just left it on there. I suppose I can cut out the center part of the Shure pads and give that a try with no foams what so ever..I do want something in between my ear and the diver though.. The thought of sweat all over the driver is not a good one. Oh speaking of that. Because the Shure pads are much roomier my ears get less sweaty...I am digging the shure pads.
  13. jwong
    Well, everyone hears differently. I've been playing these with lots of types of music, and for me I can't handle these phones without an EQ cut, especially around 220Hz.
    My last Dsnuts-inspired purchase, the Pioneer HDJ1500, were far superior for me for about the same price (although those were clearance prices). No big deal though. If I don't have a change of hearing, Amazon returns are easy...
  14. Marximus

    Let's not get carried away.  I really liked the HTF600s for what they were (especially at the price), and they remain my sub-$50 recommendation for anyone.  I took a chance on these and don't really like them.  There's a good chance I'll return them.  No big deal.
    And I think I do notice some slight clearing up of the sound.
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Pioneers were a good one for certain..These cans do take a bit of time to adjust to..It is not as tight a sound as the pioneers or many others but I don't know it just resonates with me for some reason.. Especially played through my 2step amp.. It sounds amazing trough more power. Bust your best overnight burn in and see how they go..

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