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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. Xcalibur255
    I think you're on target here, it seems logical to me. Any mechanical ringing is likely to have an effect on the sound, just like microphonics. Ringing mostly affects high frequencies, and mesh has superior mechanical damping qualities. I see a lot of people mention that the soundstage feels more "layered" with mesh tubes and that might be a side effect of the reduced ringing.

    I've been leaning towards doing mesh for a good while now, if for no other reason than if I'm buying special expensive tubes I might as well go for the most special version.

    edit: of course what I REALLY want are those EML 45 Globes that they only made one time a decade ago. Every once in a while somebody lets their spare pair from that one-time buy go and I think they're closing in on WE 300b prices now. I will never have that kind of money to throw at this hobby so I'll have to settle for standard production meshies.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  2. Xcalibur255
    I've never heard a 5R4 tube I didn't like. Even the cheap RCAs are decent tubes, but I'm partial to the European ones like the Brimar and Philips. Any amp that runs a 5U4 I will automatically sub a 5R4 into it instead.
  3. gibosi
    Unfortunately, I've been much too busy these past several weeks and haven't had much time to listen to music. And when I do have time, my current roll is so good that I have no desire to change it. :)

    But will try to find some time for the NEC 5R4GY soon. And like Xcalibur. I quite like the Brimar and Philips (La Radiotechique actually) and am curious to see how it compares.
  4. L0rdGwyn
    I'm looking forward to it!
  5. mordy
    my current roll is so good that I have no desire to change it.....

    Been there.....
    Yes, these things happen.... The journey is over, I've finally found what I really like - just sitting back and enjoying the music.
    Beautiful, great, fantastic, wow! Fantabulous, scrumptious - feel free to fill in......

    Then it becomes the New Normal. Still great, but.....after a while ( I am afraid to say it ) ---- a little boring - nothing new to try;

    Or is it?

    Maybe I should try these? A French guy claims that they have more authority than the L63. Somebody told me that if you mix up the leads you can blow up your amp.
    Wife: Why do you have so many glass thingamajigs?
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  6. DecentLevi
    That looks like a National Union 7193. For me on a former amp I was impressed by the KenRad 7193 but still preferred Sylvania straight glass or ST shaped Visseaux 6J5, and not much buzz about Natuonal Union brand in general. YMMV but maybe I just saved you some $$. The GEC MHLD6 look similar and seem promising but we'll have to wait till I get my amp and adapters.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  7. UsoppNoKami
  8. whirlwind
  9. UsoppNoKami
    I'm glad I managed to get my pair of 422A (two singles) at sane(r) prices. @2359glenn gave me the heads up to look for these rectifiers very early on when I was finalising the spec for my GOTL.. phew! lol
  10. dminches
    Are you going to run into copyright issues if you post this on youtube?

    I find it close to impossible to gain meaningful sound information from low resolution youtube videos. Maybe you can find a way to make this work. Or maybe the video could just be to show the cables and talk about the differences.
  11. leftside
    I asked the guy if he added an extra 0 by mistake.
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  12. leftside
    I was just chatting with whirlwind about video games. You are the total opposite to me in regards to video games :) All my PC games are downloaded via Steam and I use a wireless XBox controller :) Currently going through the Wolfenstein games that I've missed. Fun with knives....
  13. Monsterzero
    Yeah I even have my PS4 controller hardwired. Less lag input. when youre old like me and play FPSers in PvP vs. teenagers with lightning fast reflexes I need all the help I can get.
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  14. chrisdrop
    1st, thanks for the great set of comments regarding running tubes in parallel, etc. All fascinating and informative.

    Perhaps I am reading into this too much:

    >>which will give better definition of the low frequencies.

    The mains gremlin manifests as 50/100Hz main harmonics hum (analogous to 60/120/ etc Hz in the US). Maybe that is another reason more outputs make more noise (low freqs) ?

    2nd, my mains issue and experiments could fill a thread or three, so I will only make minor comments here for the sanity of all. When I have gotten to the bottom, I will post some summary so perhaps some poor sod might be saved some grief. Will prevail! (and yes, tried the things you suggested - thank you for the suggestions).

    I am getting a dedicated mains circuit next week and possibly sinking a copper rod for an additional earthing (ground) also. Let's see how we do ..
  15. Monsterzero
    Yeah,no I wont be actually playing the music in the video. In my TRP video I played a 10 second clip of a song,and within 24 hours YouTube had messaged me saying I had violated the copyright rules,but the owner(Univeral music)decided not to force me to pull the video.

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