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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. OctavianH
    I've been a huge fan of the Dishonored series and played several times each game for completion (different levels of chaos or specific achievements).
    However, I liked also Prey. It has some atmosphere and feeling which reminds me of Dishonored. So if you have not tried it, you should.

    Regarding Cyberpunk, I will say only that I hope that Zen 3 and Ampere are out at decent prices until April. Until then, I'll stick to my 4790K @ 4.5GHz and GTX 1080Ti.
  2. felix3650
    Another tube/gamer here too. Gaming on a nice big screen and with high-end headphones is quite the experience. I usually immerse myself in a 40" FHD tv connected to my MSI GT73VR notebook (i7-6820HK, GTX1080) and through the Holo Cyan R2R to my Auteur. Next addition will be the GEL3N :)
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  3. dminches
    I have a Western Electric 422A tube that I am going to sell. If someone here is interested please send me a PM.

    The tube tests over 100+ on both sides on my Jackson 648.


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  4. L0rdGwyn
    Nice Jackson, I restored one a few months ago, getting tons of use out of it. Good luck with your sale, someone will grab that, early model with gray plates. Only Western Electric rectifier I will be able to use in my upcoming MH4 amp is the 274A, time will tell if I am crazy enough to buy one.
  5. leftside
    "Only" 2 play-throughs for me. Once with Emily/100% stealth and with Corvo/mix of stealth and chaos. I purchased Prey in a Steam sale, but haven't played it (yet).

    I have a Panasonic plasma TV from the last year they were made, so no need for me to upgrade my GTX 1070 graphics card until I upgrade the TV. I tend to upgrade my TV every 10 years, so only 4 more years to go :)
  6. leftside
  7. chrisdrop
  8. L0rdGwyn
    I was very fortunate to get a NOS pair for $150 earlier this year, not my first but at that price I had to buy them.
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  9. leftside
    I've been cleaning/recleaning a bunch of my tubes/pins before using them with the new amp, and noticed there are quite a few structural difference with those Bendix tubes. Double halo getters, double D getters, solid graphite plates, slotted graphite plates, copper rods, etc. Haven't had time to tell if there are any sound differences. The slotted plates have been mentioned before, and were probably more expensive to make.
  10. Monsterzero
    We bought a 65" OLED flat screen the first year they came out. Prior to that they only made those curved screen....yuck. Anyways,nobody knew back then that OLEDs are prone to screen burn-in. Well ive damn near ruined my OLED,thanks to Destiny 2 HUD's imprint being permanently on my screen.
    We bought a 65" QLED last weekend,which supposedly do not burn in. Being delivered Sunday. Its a nice TV,but no OLED. The good TV is moving to the family room,burned in screen and all,and I will get the new TV. First world problems.
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  11. UsoppNoKami
    Popped in a pair of Siemens EL11 in my GOTL amp tonight. Gain is a bit high with 6x 6BL7, though I do like the tonality.. prob try 6as7g tomorrow. Nice looking tubes & adaptors :)


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  12. gibosi
    FYI, to the best of my knowledge, Siemens never manufactured the EL11. To my eyes, these look like Loewe Opta production.
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  13. mordy
    L-O = Philips?
  14. gibosi
    Yes, Loewe Opta was a Philips subsidiary with manufacturing facilities located in Berlin-Steglitz. However, it appears that Philips did not use the Loewe Opta brand after acquiring the company in the mid 1950's. Most of their EL11 production was sold under the Valvo brand.
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  15. Zachik

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