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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. GDuss
    I don't have any of the red label RCA metal tubes yet, only white labels, most of them the meatball logo, a few say either Radiotron or Victor on them. I need to try the ones you have.
  2. chrisdrop
    Billington has them for I think £5 each FWIW.
  3. mordy
    Hi Zachik,
    The 5693 is a long life version of the 6J7. It is interesting to note that the 6C5 is a derivative of the 6J7. The 6J7 is a pentode, and the 6C5 is a triode. In essence, the manufacturer took a 6J7 pentode and changed it to produce a triode.

    "The 6C5 was originally made from a pentode, 6J7, with extra elements internally connected to the plate to operate as a triode."

    Re the 6C5 and 6J5, they are usually interchangeable, but made differently.
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  4. Monsterzero
    Well,I have whittled down over 77,000 songs to just a bakers dozen for my RCA cable test. In case anyone is interested,here is the current lineup for the shootout,and things I will be listening for from each track...Sorry no Hotel California :wink:

    Enter Sandman-Metallica 24/96 > dynamics (metal)
    One Fine Morning-Lighthouse 16/44.1>separation/smoothness with horns (prog/pop)
    Into The Deep-Ajja & Cosmosis 16/44.1>dynamics>depth>sub bass quality,quantity (psybient)
    Friend Of The Devil (remaster)-Grateful Dead 24/192>staging width,acoustic guitars (folk/jam)
    Bridges of Fire-I 16/44.1>speed and layering (black metal)
    Irukanji- Sonic Entity 16/44.1> dynamics,L/R panning,depth (psy trance)
    Photosynthesis- Carbon Based Lifeforms 16/44.1> depth,speed,layering (psybient)
    Diamonds and Rust-Joan Baez 16/44.1>female vocals,acoustic guitar (folk)
    Pictures of Home- Deep Purple 24/96>male vocals,keyboards,guitars,drums (hard rock)
    Bird of Paradise- Snowy White 16/44.1>smoothness,guitars (blues)
    Come Together(2019 Mix)-Beatles 24/96>dynamics,layering(rock)
    Pigs(Three Different Ones) (BG remaster) Pink Floyd 24/96> layering,imaging,depth (prog rock)
    Pulse of the Dead-Parasite Inc. 16/44.1>speed,layering (melodeath metal)

    Verite closed will be the headphone,with ZMF 2K cable
    Tubes will be GEC U18/20+Ken Rad 6J5 metal base+ 6x 6bx7s

    I might roll USB cables as well as @dminches is sending me one or two try out as well as some RCAs. This is going to be a long event for me. Hope it will help some members find the right cables for their tastes/systems.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  5. maxpudding
    Thank you for the hardwork! Looking forward to the outcome.
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  6. Zachik
    You lost me there! :wink:
  7. dminches
    I actually sent you 3 USBs.
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  8. L0rdGwyn
    Officially done with grad school, now I can get back to listening :)

    Been doing some back and forth with the Sylvania 6BL7GT flat plates and T-plates. I've had the flat plates in the GOTL for about two weeks. Really have enjoyed them during that time. I rolled in the T-plates this morning to see how they compare. To my ears they are brighter, slightly less separation and air than the flat plates, very detailed. Bass on the flat plates goes a little deeper and hits harder. But the T-plates are very enjoyable in their own way, great texture and perhaps better treble extension than the flat plates. Overall, I prefer the flats, their rich bass is going very well with my morning techno, but both are excellent tubes. Going to see how these flat plates compare to my top 6BX7 next, the Toshiba.

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
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  9. L0rdGwyn
    Comparing the Sylvania flat plate 6BL7GT to the Toshiba 6BX7GT (which I would characterize as slightly bright of neutral, uber detailed and very airy) shows how warm they are. Also, the music is less close to the ear, a little more laid-back, makes for a non-fatiguing listen. Very nice tubes, they are going to become regulars when I want a warm relaxing listen.

    But, these Toshiba 6BX7GT...subconsciously, they have become my favorite power tubes in the GOTL, I just haven't said it out loud. They have the best air and separation, staging out of any power tubes I have in the amp. With the GOAT 6J5, the MOV L63 gray glass, the air is off the charts. If anyone ever gets creative and delves into the Japanese online auction arena (a.k.a. Yahoo Auctions Japan), that is just about the only place to get a set of these power tubes, but I highly recommend them. The problem is, they know how good they are in Japan, multiple bidders per auction, these tubes are being used regularly over there is some form or fashion.

    There is a sense of thinness or lack of musicality to my chain and made worse with the Toshibas. The thin quality is always there now and I attribute it to my DAC, the airness of the Toshibas tends to exacerbate it, but I don't fault the tubes...I am so eager to get my SW1X DAC and get a more full-bodied, musical listening experience.

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  10. Monsterzero
    Congrats Keenan!
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  11. GDuss
    Definitely a big congrats on this accomplishment.
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  12. mordy
    Congratulations on your degree!
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  13. L0rdGwyn
    Thanks everyone. I've been working and going to school for so long, can't wait to just do my job, go home and relax! Gonna be a big change.
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  14. GDuss
    I finished graduate school in 2002 and I'm still waiting to be able to just do my job and then go home and relax. Work has this amazing ability to follow me wherever I go.
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  15. Xcalibur255
    Yep. I can think of no piece of technology on sale today that is more "min-maxed" than OLED tvs. In some ways they are an amazing experience and in others a regressive frustrating disaster. I bought an LG C9 this summer and I really wish I hadn't. My Pioneer Kuro plasma hit 10 years old this year and it's getting pretty dim. OLED is kind of the natural way to go for plasma owners, not just for the black levels but because we're used to displays that use impulse response based pixel refresh. LCDs are just a headache inducing smear of colors to my eyes by comparison, no matter what sort of processing they throw at them to alleviate it. Sample and hold is sample and hold whether it's 60hz or 480hz.

    The OLED has been a nightmare though. They are so thin and fragile that you can hardly move them without breaking them (I bent the screen standing it upright after attaching the stand, who designs a TV like this!!!). They can't be around windows where direct sunlight comes in because something in the panel breaks down chemically and ruins the display. It's FAR more susceptible to burn-in than my plasma ever was (I never really had any trouble with this over the years even while gaming) even with the panel brightness ratched way down. I severely limit what kind of things I watch on it now due to the burn-in risk, and have fallen back to leaving the old plasma hooked up in the kitchen (small apartment life) for when I want to play a game. But, the weirdest part is that these tvs have some kind of weird bug/design flaw that prevents them from outputting PCM stereo via any digital connnection properly. The audio drops out every minute or so like it's being muted for a second or two, it does this over and over again and it's unfixable. My whole setup is 2.0 PCM based and is all digital so if I want to use any of the internal apps for Netflix or what have you I have to put up with the audio dropouts. Talked to the dealer I bought it from and was basically told "too bad, we've got your money, go away" in about that nice a way.

    When the stars align and you get good 4K content the picture completely lives up to the hype, it's fabulous. But there are far too many problems to justify it. My advice to those tempted to scoop one of these up during the season's deals is to stay away.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019

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