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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. L0rdGwyn
    Wow you guys are gamers? I am a PC gamer myself, like Leftside I have everything on Steam. I do use a wired PS4 controller most often though, I hate when the Bluetooth connection drops or I get input lag.

    Taking this way off topic, but this is my PC I put together earlier this year, small form factor mini-ITX, really happy with it. Old one is now an HTPC. Running an Intel Core i7-8700K and Nvidia RTX 2080. To get the CPU temps to a happy place in such a small chassis, I removed the heatspreader from the CPU and applied liquid metal directly to the CPU dye and put it all back together. Also using a solid copper heat sink. Voids the warranty, but now cool as a cucumber.

    IMAG1477.jpg IMAG1479.jpg IMAG1480.jpg

    Okay, back to audio. I don't think the number of outputs and the effect on output impedance and damping factor is related to the 50/100Hz noise, that to me sounds like a grounding issue. If there is a grounding issue, your tubes may be picking up noise from the power supply, so having more tubes in place is going to amplify the noise. But looks like you've done all of the troubleshooting already and are taking steps to fix it! Hope it works out, let us know how it goes.
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  2. Velozity
    Random post: Check out this car window decal I found on Amazon after a Google search of GOTL. I had to have one! I put it on my Nanuk case that I use to ferry the amp between home and office. Or to a Head-Fi meet if I ever make it to one...


  3. Xcalibur255
    You never know what might be on topic. :wink:

    I'm embarking on the beginning of an ITX build myself soon. My current machine is now 10 years old so I think it's time. My 6th sense is telling me the original OCZ Vertex 3 SSD in it is about to belly up. A firmware update to it 9 years ago broke the SSD life reporting so I have no idea many program/erase cycles it has actually performed. With my luck the thing will blue screen a week before I'm ready to replace it.

    The size and simplicity of the ITX builds are appealing to me. In the past I would have thought otherwise just because cable management in those little cases used to be miserable, but these days you can go M.2 storage drive right on the motherboard and with no other optical or disc drives that means there are no SATA or power cables to manage anymore. Just the 20+4 and header connections.

    It took forever to find a case I like but I finally found one (Lian Li TU-150).
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  4. leftside
    That's right. When I did my upgrade this time last year it was great to see the SSD snap directly onto the motherboard.
  5. L0rdGwyn
    Geneva on the Lake, that's in my neck of the woods! Little getaway lake town, this is too funny.

    Absolutely, much easier to fit together than it used to be and some of the small chassis are very attractive. Lian Li makes great stuff, they actually produce the case I am using, very high quality. Most ITX boards also come with built in Bluetooth/wifi chips which is nice. Obviously only a single PCI-E slot, but most of the time that's all you need. Good luck!
  6. whirlwind

    Dang video card is as big as the case! Plugging ssd drives directly to mobo is a nice feature for small case.
    My last gaming set-up was GTX570 in SLI.

    I should have kept gaming, while I thought it was expensive.....I found out it was cheap compared to head-fi :gs1000smile:
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  7. L0rdGwyn
    I know, right?! Sometimes getting lost in a game saves me money, keeps me away from eBay and Head-Fi :L3000: haven't had much time for it lately.

    I think that case is the smallest volume case on the market that can accept a full-size graphics card, kinda cool.
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  8. Velozity
    Ooh you guys are gamers too? I'm not really but my son is. He wants an RX580 video card for Christmas. Any good?
  9. Monsterzero
    Ive been sunk into Outer Worlds lately. Great game! Made by the same folks who did Fallout: New Vegas. Same type of game,so if you like Fallout or Oblivion,you will like this one too.
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  10. L0rdGwyn
    I was going to play Outer Worlds, then started playing a much weirder indie game instead called Disco Elysium. It is a very dialogue-driven mystery RPG, not an action game, but very well-done, very "cerebral", hard to describe but very interesting. I'll get to the Outer Worlds soon, but my girlfriend started playing Monster Hunter World so I am trying to show her the ropes on that lol the learning curve is very steep for someone who doesn't really play video games, but man is she giving it her best shot.
  11. Monsterzero
    I played Monster Hunter World. It got dull after a couple months for me. I just found myself spamming buttons as fast as I could.....and it worked. :frowning2:

    I will go back to Destiny 2 after I finish Outer Worlds,or even better,Cyberpunk 2077 will be out....soon,I hope.
  12. L0rdGwyn
    Yeah definitely isn't for everyone. I have had a hard time getting into Destiny 2, I was big on Destiny 1. Every time I go back to try and get into D2, the gameplay mechanics and leveling change and I don't feel like learning the new way to grind through it all. Cyperpunk 2077 is shaping up to be a masterpiece.

    I am also a big fan of a fantasy horror series called Dark Souls, that's where my avatar comes from :) studio also made Bloodborne and Sekiro.
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  13. leftside
    The best game I've played the last couple of years was Dishonored 2. Cyberpunk is on my wishlist.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  14. Monsterzero
    I wont even try to make excuses for Bungie. Im one of their biggest critics. The state in which D2 was released was inexcusable. They have however made some strides in other areas,and mostly fixed many of the glaring issue that the game had on release.
    For me its mostly just something to do to kill time. Like Dennis DeYoung,I have too much on my hands.
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  15. DecentLevi
    Though I haven't had time for video games since I was young, it's ironic you should mention Dennis DeYoung. I've only known him through Styx, although I have two breakout albums on the way from someone called Dennis Young. A self taught virtuoso of percussion including drums and marimba as well as keyboardist, his music opens a window where tribal African, Latin and electronic sounds meld seemlessly in a very singular way. As a plus a lot of his older work seem to have great analogue mastering.

    Check out his defining Primitive Substance album which complies his 80's work. I also recommend his album Old Dog: New Tricks.

    Dennis Young - Safari Western

    One that note it would be a crime not to mention Sérgio Mendes. An accomplished Brazilian musician who has released over 55 albums since the 60's exploring jazz, funk and Latin.
    Here's a good example from his 1996 album Oceano. I also recommend his album Brasiliero - the mastering is exquisite on both, and some are available on vinyl.

    Sérgio Mendes - Maracatudo (1996)
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