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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. 2359glenn
    It won't heart the tube it current limits and the blue light goes dull
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  2. attmci
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  3. mordy
    So how do you do it in practice?
    Putting on headphones and playing at the level you like, and then holding the phone with the sound level app on, next to the earcup?
  4. attmci

    Don't have any of those fancy devices to measure the frequency response.
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  5. Hansotek
    I haven’t had them both in the same place at the same time, but I borrowed Zach’s CSP3 when I reviewed the Atticus, so I had an extended audition and I now own the Glenn OTL, so I can give you a few notes.

    Essentially, the DecWare is a little warmer and romantic in its tonality, but the Glenn OTL is infinitely more flexible with tube rolling, more spacious and more transparent. The Glenn OTL also drives way more headphones than the CSP3, which tends to distort with planars. I haven’t run into a problem like that with the Glenn.

    At the end of the day, you’re going to be happy with either driving the Atticus and HD800. I think you’ve narrowed it down to the top two amps I’ve heard with those headphones in the earthly price range. Without dropping megabucks on some bananas uber flagship, it’s tough to get much better. Personally, I would choose the Glenn OTL between the two. It’s really the ultimate tube rollers amp.
  6. UntilThen
    Good to know ! Otherwise I might have to sell my 6sn7w metal base to attmci. :)
  7. UntilThen
    A friend who is a HiFi nut came over and he listen to Telegraph Road on HD800, powered by Glenn OTL. I see his expression lighting up with amazement. Told me that sounded incredible. For someone who has a good stereo system and making that comment just confirm what I hear with this wonderful OTL amp. I really think Glenn ought to give it a name.
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  8. whirlwind
    I have a neighbor that during football season, will come to my house to watch some of the Sunday night NFL football games.

    Once when he arrived this year I was listening to some music with Glenns amp and the ZMF Ori.

    He wanted to listen and he ended up listening to a whole album.

    After that , it seemed he started coming over about 15 minutes early every Sunday evening, until eventually he showed up 45 minutes early so he could listen.

    After listening to gear like this for awhile, I guess we just take the sound for granted and expect it to sound so wonderful.

    I totally agree Matt, it is very nice when someone else hears it and they do not want to stop listening.

    It has to make Glenn feel so good, that people enjoy his amps so much, I know my son and I enjoy them so much.

    I could not live without one now, we pretty much use ours seven days a week.

    I could not imagine life without music, makes me feel so good.

    I go to work at 7:00 am and ever since I received the OTL amp from Glenn, I have gotten up at 4:20 am
    to shower and pack my bucket and have time to listen to an album before work.

    Music is so good for the soul!
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  9. UntilThen
    Well Joe, it seems I'm 'normal' after all because I too get up in the middle of the night, just to be electrified by the electric guitar of Mark Knophler.

    I'm intimately familiar with Elise, Euforia, La Figaro 339 and Ragnarok. I know their sound very well because I've lived with these amps. Good tone. I have nothing but praise for them. However Glenn's OTL amp is something else, especially with c3g and 6 x 6bx7. It's electrifying and dynamic. It's so clear and that tight and punchy bass. That's what my friend said. He said it a few times. :)

    There will be a review coming from me but I wanted to spend some solid hours with Glenn's OTL amp before that happens. 3 months at least....
  10. King CATalyst
    After searching for a good tube amp at a decent price I found this forum and I'm very interested in buying a Glenn otl now. So the question is how do I get one and how much?
  11. UntilThen
    First you've to PM @2359glenn and tell him that you want an OTL amp similar to mine. :) I'll leave Glenn to tell you how much but you'll be surprised at how reasonable the price is. I do think that Glenn is doing a service to the community at the price he's charging. :)

    Secondly, I really think Glenn needs a few elves to help him with building the amps now. :)
  12. King CATalyst
    Thanks! That's kinda what I assumed but i wasn't sure if he just built these occasionally for certain people or if he'd build one for anyone who asked. 1 more quick question are tubes included? And what tubes are suggested for metal and rock with this amp (complete noob to tubes lol)
  13. yates7592
    As far as I know tubes are not included, but tubes needed are not expensive, certainly not like 300b etc. I just ordered a Glenn OTL and really looking forward to hearing one for myself. From what UT has said, c3g and 6bx7's are very good with rock music.
    As a tube-noob myself, which tube(s) would add a bit of warmth to something like HD800, or are c3g and 6bx7 sufficient?
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  14. lukeap69
    Glenn can include tubes if you want as long as he has them available (of course for additional fee for the tubes.) For my Darna, a pair of C3g, 2 pairs of rectifiers, sextet 6BL7 and a pair of 6AS7 were included in the package.
  15. yates7592
    For the GOTL, could somebody please summarise the adapters that are available/usable, and how does that expand the tube-rolling potential?

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