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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. mordy
    Hi mros,

    I have some 60's Fotons and I agree with your impression - solid performer and a little bass heavy.
    However, the older early 50's Fotons with the ribbed anodes sound better and are my current favorites.
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  2. attmci
  3. mordy
    Hi attmciverizon,

    Reading your post makes me nervous. All the people using the same headphone amp that I have report using volume settings of 9-10 o'clock, but I have to use 11-12 o'clock settings to get satisfactory volume.
    Is this age related (I am 71) or am I suffering from hearing loss from too loud listening?

    The following is a joke: "I am 71 years old, but I am not the least embarrassed to admit it since I was born 83 years ago."

    Anyhow, I hope that my hearing loss is age related......
  4. rnros
    Have not heard the CSP3, but it is one of the amps I considered, along with the Taboo and others. The CSP3 is highly regarded, so I'm sure it's a great sounding amp. I went with the 3X6 GOTL because of the increased tube rolling options and power capability, and of course, the reviews of a clean transparent SQ that is consistent across a range of headphone impedance.

    I already had a LOT of driver tubes, so just looking at the driver options for each:
    -CSP3 has a single noval driver socket than can handle (at least) 600mA heater current (6N1P), which should also be able to handle an octal driver with the same heater mA with the appropriate adapter.
    -GOTL uses an octal socket for the single twin triode driver. IMHO, the noval options do not equal the SQ level of the octal options. Also, you can use an adapter to make use of your noval tubes. GOTL also has sockets for the C3g driver. Great tube, you can do a little research in this thread.

    Also no comparison between the two amps and the power tube options. This GOTL version has 6 octal sockets with a 10A total heater current capability.
    And, if you want even more sound options, you can go with tube rectifiers, allowing you to further change FR profiles and soundstage qualities.
  5. rnros
    Well then, I'll have to look for some of the early '50s also.
    Thanks, but LOL I already have too many tubes!
  6. attmci
    Mordddy, you may try to use a software on your phone, called sound meter, to test.

    Mine is <80dB.
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  7. whirlwind

    Funny that you mention the MAD Ear + HD for your Grados.

    I cut my teeth on Grado headphones, LOL.

    I bought A MAD Ear + HD for my RS1 headphone and it was a killer match as far as synergy goes....even though you would not think of an OTL amp as a good match for a 32 ohm headphone, it works quite well with the right tubes.
    The GEL3N sounds very nice also.

    I have an RS1 that I won't part with, just because Grado is the best low level listening headphone that I have come across yet...at low volume the detail is amazing and the mids are to die for....just a tad light on the bottom end, but what is there is great quality bass.
    i always describe the bass as, it gets the job done, then gets out of the way of the lovely mids :gs1000smile:
  8. JazzVinyl
    I have found that the 'Wood Glue' method works best.

    The secret is to apply the wood glue thickly, making sure it goes on nice and thick up by the label and at the lead in groove.
    Let it dry completely (requires patience, at _least_ 24 hours) and it will peel off in one piece, removing every last trace of dirt and grime.
    You will enjoy heavenly quiet vinyl.

    Even restores the "rainbow sheen" to old and dirty thrift store Vinyl.

    Happy New Year, and may all your vinyl sound "wood glue" cleaned :)

  9. gibosi
    Obviously, "6SN7GT" was a typo. Of course it is "12SN7GT"

    But the point is that these foreign made B36 were very likely manufactured by Fivre. And to help you remember:

  10. UntilThen
    Oh yes Fivre indeed. No wonder they sound good.

    At the moment all these sound great as drivers in the OTL amp.

    Sylvania 6sn7w
    Tung Sol 6J8G
    Ken Rad 1633 6sn7gt
    RCA 1633
    Brimar 13D1
    Various B36

    Still waiting on the fdd20 and ecc31 adapters.

    I think even a Foton as driver will sound great in this amp.
  11. 2359glenn
    Have you made a mistake and put a tube in on the wrong voltage yet?
  12. attmci
    Sure. That TS "6J8G". LOL
  13. leftside
  14. UntilThen
    Yes. Happened yesterday going from B36 to Sylvania 6sn7w metal without changing to 6.3volt.

    Good thing it didn't kill my precious 6sn7w.

    Now I triple check everything before I power it on. :)
  15. attmci
    Wow, Heat Treated 6SN7W! JK
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