1. theoutsider


    Let's talk about the latest PKS2 from AK Audio!
  2. MfiveM

    Replacement gym headphones.

    I have been using the B&O A8 headphone and my iPod shuffle at the gym and for some reason I can not find where I placed it…so now I am looking for a pair of replacement headphones and thinking about the new Nano. I was planning on getting up SE530 to be a back up pair to my UE-11’s but would...
  3. Owenpri

    Old Stock Apple Earbuds, really THIS good??

  4. leokennis

    Seeking an earbud upgrade to the Apple EarPods

    Hello,   For my office, I need a pair of earbuds that still allow me to hear my colleagues, my phone ringing etc. So IEM's are out of the question. Big headphones are also a no go; they are simply too large for that environment.   So not too long ago I purchased a set of Apple EarBuds...
  5. HiphopHipHop

    Best non in-ear portable earphones?

    I've narrowed down my search so far to these 3:   Palm Stereo Headset for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre http://www.amazon.com/Palm-Stereo-Headset-Pixi-Pre/dp/B002CMEIW0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311270835&sr=8-1 or PK2...
  6. Mike D

    Older Yuins VS Newer Yuins

    Hi,   I recently purchased a used pair of older Yuin PK2's. As they were in need of repair, I replaced the plug with a new one. I immediately noticed that these were different from the newer models I had purchased in the recent past, as they had the double wires leading to the plug, whereas...
  7. Monkeytofu

    Are these Yuin PK2/ PK3 listings legitimate?

    I saw a new posting on the PK2s go up and was looking at them online to see if I could find a better deal and found this store selling the below items:   DIY Mod Yuin PK3 DIY Project PRO Quality Professional Hifi Earphone DIY Mod Yuin PK2 Project PRO Quality Professional hifi Earphone  ...
  8. nofarewell

    Sony MDR-E484 and others in the category

    Heyy Everyone! I've just bought a Sony MDR-E484 on Ebay and i'm so happy I can't even express. I would like to start a discussion about this earphone if you have experience with it about the earphone itself and other old Sony models like the legendary MDR-E282, 545, etc. - and of course other...
  9. plonter

    My Grado SR80e impression (a past RS1 owner)

    Hello fellow head fiers, Good to come back ! it's been a long time since the last time Ive been here, took a few years break from HI-FI.  My story in short: didn't have the time and money(was needed for other stuff) so I sold almost all the gear I had (Denon AHD-5000,Grado RS1,senn HD650...
  10. kidwithshirt

    Recommendation for tips to make IEM not noise isolating?

    I brought my IEM to the office and I realized I need to hear people around me in case something happens. I have a set of UE900 and they do noise cancelling too well! I've looked at getting the Yuin PK2 but I figure I already have a decent set of buds there must be something I can do with them...
  11. CyberGhost

    Sennheiser MX 980/985 sound

    Hey,   Those of you that own MX 980/985, could you please tell me what their sound is like?   I have a Sennheiser CX 95 wanted to upgrade because I don't like their V-shaped sound, the mids are too recessed, so I was looking at CX 985. Then I read a review on amazon with the reviewer writing...
  12. kostalex

    AKG K319 beats PK2

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. AKG K319 earbud review Conclusion and rating For $60 here in Russia, this earbud is a steal, because it sounds better than Yuin PK2 ($80) and almost as good as OK2 ($129). K319 yields only to PK1 ($160) in terms of...
  13. antonyfirst

    Review: The BIG Yuin Comparison (PK series - OK series)

    This review is my view of the so much talked Yuin earbuds: the PK1, PK2, OK1, OK2 and OK3. I want it to be a guide to give anyone looking for what earphone fits his needs better. I'll add other AB comparisons I have done with other headphones I have been owning lately. The earphones: PKs vs...
  14. Psybrain

    Which are the best Earbuds from the list below for smartphone mp3's

    1. Sennheiser MX880 2. Yuin PK2 3. Hisoundaudio PAA-1PRO Or you have something better to offer for me . The same prices - + Thanks. Sry for bad eng.
  15. oopeteroo

    Blox m2c vs Yuin pk2

    i see that they sell m2c again.   But also heard good words from yuin pk2.   whats the diff in sounds between those two earphones ?   iam using it for sansa clip+
  16. naike

    Earphone suggestions under 100

    I need some earphone suggestions for under 100€. Looking for those regular old school ones (not the ones you stuff inside your ear), and durability is my main concern.
  17. oopeteroo

    DIY Yuin Pk2 on ebay ?

    want to buy yuin pk2.   found this diy one with special cable.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/221044278279?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649   is it genuine?   will it sound better than the original cable ? or should i buy the original one instead ?
  18. sdpenha

    Looking for earbuds - please help

    Greetings All!   I am looking for earbuds - if that is right name for them - you know the sort that came with last generation ipods. I hit up the usual retail spots - they seem to not even carry this segment - everything they have are in-ear - with little tips that that go in - this doesn't...
  19. GoodRevrnd

    Buds or Portables < $60 to maintain surrounding awareness?

    Really I'm looking for any portable headphone that will still allow me to still hear what's going on around me--particularly voices--without bleeding sound out to everyone else, while listening and low to moderate volume.  Around $30 would be preferable, but I'll go up to $60.  I'd probably just...
  20. brad90y

    Found these "Do-It Yourself" Yuin PK3's on eBay and my question to you is: sketchy, or legit?

    Someone posted a link to these in the PK3 appreciate thread but no one's replied, so I'll ask here. There are these PK3's that are apparently legit, except the seller has added a shielded cable. Considering I'm new to this whole audiophile world, I'm completely confused.   From what I've...
  21. Oscarilbo

    help! are these Yuin Pk2 fake or not???

    Hi guys, I've been reading this forum for some days now, and it's been great help...   Last month I order a new pair of earbuds, the Yuin Pk2 from ebay... I know I know, I'm new in all this and if I knew better I'd had ordered from a more reliable store. but oh well...   this was my...
  22. hippie

    Idiot looking for headphones!

    Sorry about the post title not sure what to call it, but basically this is my first post to the forum, and I’m looking for the beast ear buds for under 50ish dollar but I'm pretty flexible, honestly I know nothing in the audio world…..    Right now I’ve got some of skull candy’s head phones...
  23. Question2

    Why doesn't the head fi summer 2012 guide contain any earbuds?

    I tried asking in the thread itself, but got no replies...
  24. chattypuma

    Cycling speakers - not IEMs

    So I'm on my bike a lot and am not comfortable blocking out ambient sound so I've been wanting a small helmet speaker instead of a the huge handlebar setups I've seen out there.   I found these but what is the chance they will sound anywhere near decent? http://www.o-tus.com/   Does...
  25. fleasbaby

    Fake Yuin PK2?

    Hi All,   I am thinking of getting a pair of Yuins and noticed the PK2 is being offered by a few Honk Kong retailers well below the prices offered by US sellers. Has anyone come across Yuin fakes before? I was thinking if its only ten bucks more for the PK2 at the cost of waiting a little...