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Are these Yuin PK2/ PK3 listings legitimate?

  1. Monkeytofu
    I saw a new posting on the PK2s go up and was looking at them online to see if I could find a better deal and found this store selling the below items:
    DIY Mod Yuin PK3 DIY Project PRO Quality Professional Hifi Earphone
    DIY Mod Yuin PK2 Project PRO Quality Professional hifi Earphone


    Third listing of another "DIY" earbud


    Dasetn MX500+MC5 DIY Project PRO Quality Professional hifi Earphone Buds


    Anyone have experience with this seller or these variations?
    Edit: This is another similar listing over on Aliexpress, although buyers do seem satisfied I'm not sure if these are the real deal or what.
  2. mbamg
    If the item is popular in the Western world, and it's available on aliexpress, then it's most likely fake.
    Aliexpress specifically caters to foreigners, and their sellers appeal to people's greed and gullibility by posting lower prices than of that in legitimate retailers, then sending them counterfeit items. They then only give the buyer a partial refund on their purchase, as per aliexpress's return policy, or force them to send the items back without covering the return shipping.
    As for these ebay sellers, don't push your luck. Looking at the pictures these earbuds don't even have the correct markings on them.
    The Blox BE3s are selling for $37 including shipping on the company website. They ship internationally, so you won't have a problem getting them to ship to the UAE.
  3. Monkeytofu
    There are plenty of legit sellers on Aliexpress, I've done my fair shopping through Ali and Ebay but you always have to be careful when buying things.

    In this case these things are Chinese products in origins, I think the MC5s are legit (as the price is actually more than Dasetn's own website) but not sure about the other ones.
  4. lancer7777
    100% fake

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