1. carpler

    Best clips-on in the market yet?

    Hi! I'm looking for good clips-on to buy. I used the KSC-75 with satisfaction for many years, but I abandoned them because they "colored" the sound too much to my ears. Then I went to the Yuin G2A that I really liked a lot because of a more natural sound, but yesterday I have broken and I can...
  2. Giddi

    The mysterious disappearance of the Yuin G2A

    I was planning on buying these clip ons for running, but the only retailer that sells Yuin no longer stocks the G2A. https://head-direct.com/Products/?bid=4 Where have they gone?
  3. roxxor

    Yuin G2: first pics + impressions

    Despite concerns of official distribution, seller reliability, etc, I took the plunge and ordered these puppies from ebay. Impressions will follow as soon as I get my hands on a pair of KSC75's for comparison (will do that tomorrow). Briefly though, build quality seems excellent. They are super...
  4. eyal1983

    Yuin G2

    Selling Yuin G2 with full packaging, about 2 weeks old, <1 hour of use excellent clip-on open phones very high fidelity (much more than koss's) smooth sound, excellent FR, very detailed.   Specifications: impedance: 60 ohms (it will scale up with a good amp) sensitivity: 110 db...
  5. kostalex

    Best clip-ons: Yuin G1A, ATH-EW9, KSC-35km, modded KSC-35, Yuin G2A, MDR-Q68LW, DIY Grado clip-ons, KSC-75

    Prehistory: my laborious clip-ons journey By the clip-ons I mean headphones similar to venerable Koss KSC-75 in terms of form factor. Seeking for the top ultraportable solutions, I was always interested in clip-ons. Unfortunately, there are few clip-ons with good sound. As many head-fiers...
  6. CANiSLAYu

    Budget headphones for sale! (Audiotechnica MTH-M50, Alessandro MS1i, Yuin G2A)

    Well, getting out of headphones for good (though I've said that and come back again).  Only time I use them these days is at work or on walks and I use the good ol' Koss KSC75 for that.  Each are in great condition.  My main home rig used to be a RS1i and Denon D7000, so these rarely got any...
  7. dziendobry

    Yuin G2A

    Yuin G2A for sale
  8. zoomjohn

    Short notes on Yuin G2A and Sennheiser MX980

    Needed a pair of phones (or two) for listening on my laptop and at work, so picked up Yuin from Ebay & Sennheiser from a local store.   Both earphones IMHO are worth their price.   G2A is more airy compared to MX980 (with foams on). MX980 without foams has a bit of a treble imbalance...
  9. jwong

    Plethora of inexpensive phones... JVC RX700, Technical Pro HPT990, Yuin G2A, FX40, MP 8320

    I'm a sucker for bargain headphones, but I have too much stuff now.   JVC HA-RX700, $28. A perennially popular budget choice. I find these huge but very comfortable. The sound is great. Not as detailed as higher priced phones, but with good bass and a very pleasing sound signature to me...
  10. kidcharlemagne

    WTB - Yuin G2/G2A

    Just wanted to check to see if anyone on the forums had a pair of these that they'd like to sell. If I cant find any around here i'll probably have to turn to aliexpress, which is pretty much the only place selling these nowadays (have they been discontinued?). Anyway, if you do have some G2As...
  11. el-bo

    sennheiser omx 980 vs yuin g2a

    would like some opinions from anyone who has experience with both   i currently own the g2a's, and use them while i work...however, i find even with the koss clips they become uncomfortable after 90 minutes or so...i do also have headbands, but they aren't practical to use while working  ...
  12. zhensing

    [FS] YUIN G2A

    Hi Head-fi!   Selling my like new YUIN G2A, this is the clip on model from YUIN.    Used it for a week and got a Bose from the wife.    PM me with offers! Highest will walk home with it.    Thank you
  13. Jupiterknight

    Yuin G2a

    I'm selling a pair of Yuin G2a. They have only been used for 20-30 hours and are in almost brand new condition. They come with the original box and with extra foams included.    These are/were considered the KSC75 clip on upgrades and fits with similar headbands that are popular to use with...
  14. codefusionx

    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    Hi, folks! I'm fairly new to this forum so this is my first post. I'm currently looking for some headphones for my iPod classic. This is my first pair of headphones (since my earbuds broke) so I'm fairly new to all these. Initially I wanted to get a pair of Razer Electra's since they were $60...
  15. gregoire

    Clip comparison with photos - KSC75 - KSC35 - Yuin G2A

    In case anyone wondered how they compare and what they all look like next to each other, here's my take in a table and a bunch of photos.      Koss KSC75 Koss KSC35 Yuin G2A   £12 £30 £40 Price 5 2.5 2 Initial Comfort 4 3 5 Long term Comfort 3 1 4 Speed /...
  16. waynes world

    Sennheiser PX 100-II bass issues?

    Hello,   I brought this up in another thread (and JK1 provided me with a lot of helpful info), but I thought I would start a new thread for it with a related title in order to get more impressions from PX100II owners.   Background: I am new to "not complete crap" headphones. I am trying...
  17. Orel

    Porta Pro VS KSC75

    I'm looking into buying some cheap portable headphones lately and I stumbled these too which I've heard alot about in the past, and I also read a few topics about them, Anyway, which would be better in sound and comfort? Also, will they require an amp? (I know the porta pro needs one), and is...
  18. geoxile

    Recommendations for clip-on headphones?

    Right now I'm looking at the Yuin G2A, ATH-EW7 (if I can find them), and ATH-EW9s. I've heard the Yuin's are great but how do they compare to the ATH phones?
  19. blub

    looking for: portable closed headphone, SQ & presentation = Yuin G2...but with goog sound isolation

    Hi!,   I'm looking for a closed headphone with good sound isolation, for use on trains etc. I've read quite some reviews here, but it remains hard to understand some of the phrasing used to describe the sound experience.  (As comparison references, I 'only' own Sony MDR-7506 -for at...
  20. Techran

    Yes, About the G2A's

    Eeeegads, I missed the boat a long while ago! I couldn't just exclaim this to the neighbors so I've decided to talk with you all about em. For all you Yuin lovers out there, I'll merely affirm the consensus that out of the box (I look forward to many hours of burn in, though); G2A's are that...
  21. el-bo

    yuin and apogee killed my sr325i..now looking for a flat 'studio' reference type can...apogge + hd600, no amp ??

    hi   i've finally had it with my grado's   i've had 'em for about 4.5 years, and used to really enjoy them in my studio setup   once my focusrite died, i was without an interface for some time, so didn't use them...then i ended up getting an apogee duet.....great upgrade, fantastic...
  22. xSDMx

    Replacement clips for Yuin G2A

    Does anyone know where I can get an affordable set of replacement clips for my G2A? Or, maybe I could purchase the Koss clips somewhere?
  23. REDH0RN

    Need Phones with < Bass Than Porta-Pros

    I never thought I would say such a thing  . My Porta-Pro cans still sound good to me and can be driven nicely directly from my BlackBerry. But, I now desire a pair with a more natural presentation. Requirements are:   A) Not more than $80   B) Not more than 4ft cord and terminating in...
  24. el-bo

    headband for yuin g2a

    hi   would anyone have a link to a headband that has the same clip connection as the yuin g2a ??   thanks :)
  25. jinp6301

    Yuin G1A Review (comparison to Audio Technica ESW9)

    Associated Rig: Ipod 5G 60gb w/ rockbox Lenovo R61i (soundcard) Music Used: Aimee Mann – Way Back When (Whatever) (female vocal pop) Röyksopp – Eple (Melody A.M.) (electronica – downtempo) Todd Rundgren – I Saw the Light (Something/Anything? MFSL) (60’s pop, male vocals) Annie –...