Best clips-on in the market yet?
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Oct 12, 2013
I'm looking for good clips-on to buy.
I used the KSC-75 with satisfaction for many years, but I abandoned them because they "colored" the sound too much to my ears.
Then I went to the Yuin G2A that I really liked a lot because of a more natural sound, but yesterday I have broken and I can not find them for sale anymore.
Can you recommend another clips-on (maximum € 100) with a pleasant and natural sound (similar to G2A)?
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Thanks for the reply.
I am oriented to the ATH-EM7x.
But I still have doubts.
I'm oriented to a clip-on model because I made the comparison between Koss KSC-75 and Koss Porta Pro: while being quite similar in sound, I always preferred the KSC-75 because they have a more open sound. The Porta Pro, pressing more on the ears, are more closed for me, with a more muffled sound and the mid-high that struggling to stand out.
But now I wonder if for about 80 € (the cost of the ATH-EM7x) there are "normal" headphones with a better sound then the clip-on.
What do you think about?
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Still the best clip on ever made...

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