1. K

    Koss KSC75 modded with MMCX

    Hi All, While I really like the KSC75s, I am tired of the wiring always giving out and losing connection in one ear, forcing me to buy replacement after replacement. I have been looking for a source to buy pairs of KSC75s modded with a MMCX connection (or a similar removable option). Could...
  2. carpler

    Best clips-on in the market yet?

    Hi! I'm looking for good clips-on to buy. I used the KSC-75 with satisfaction for many years, but I abandoned them because they "colored" the sound too much to my ears. Then I went to the Yuin G2A that I really liked a lot because of a more natural sound, but yesterday I have broken and I can...
  3. Ohaple

    KSC75 Over the Ear Project

    The project was initially inspired when I ran across the StratoKOSSter thread by accident while troubleshooting a problem with my Sony MDR V6. I read the thread and was pretty encouraged by the results claimed. Since I am somewhat handy I thought I would come up with my own design. Here is a...