1. KBEAR Flash

    KBEAR Flash

    KBEAR Flash technical specs are: Color: black/gray/blue/purple Driver: 10mm DD + Customized BA Impedance: 32±2Ω Sensitivity: 108±2dB Frequency response range: 20Hz - 20KHz Cavity material:aluminum alloy + PC Cable material: 4N OFC with silver plating Pin type: 0.78MM 2PIN-C Plug: 3.5MM stereo...
  2. msing539

    Variable Static Audio (VSA) 3D Printed Headphone Impressions

    Variable Static is a Texas-based startup creating 3D printed headphones. Models vary in pricing from about $100-200+ USD depending on driver configuration, including a 'nearfield' option, and some can be ordered in either open or closed back. The model I purchased is the Static Oval for $150...
  3. C

    please delete

    please delete this thread
  4. Nobank

    IEM's for movies? Bassy and warm? Recommendations? Currently using BLON BL-03

    Currently have the BLON BL03's. A bit too trebley/crispy, otherwise good. Would you recommend Fiio FH5 or moondrop blessing 2 dusk? I don't want them too be sibilant at all, and the vocals can't be too forward as well. Can't be too detailed. Will be used for movies (Netflix, blu-rays, etc) and...
  5. squadgazzz

    Warm desktop alternative to iFi iDSD micro BL

    Hello there! I'm a happy owner of iFi iDSD Micro BL + iUSB 3.0 and I'd like to find a true desktop replacement for my current setup. Things I do like in iDSD BL + iUSB: +Warm, spacious, energetic and detailed sound; +3D/XBass options; +Size; +With iUSB 3.0 it sounds like a serious desktop amp...
  6. MAS X5h Studio Monitor Lightweight Foldable On Ear Headphones with MMCX Detachable Silver Plated Audio Cable, Inline Remote Cable with MEMS Microphone

    MAS X5h Studio Monitor Lightweight Foldable On Ear Headphones with MMCX Detachable Silver Plated Audio Cable, Inline Remote Cable with MEMS Microphone

    HIGH RESOLUTION AUDIOPHILE GRADE DRIVERS: MAS's new 40mm dynamic drivers equipped with proprietary diaphragms and super lightweight aluminum-copper voice coils produce detailed mids, precise highs and rich solid bass. The MAS X5h provides Hi-Res Audio certifed audiophile grade sound. CORE ARRAY...
  7. MorrisL

    WE WANT MUD! Dark headphones appreciation thread

    Hell with "sparkle" and "sizzle!" Screw the Beyer mountain peak! Screw all the shouty upper mids and all the shrill highs! And shove that "air" up where the moon don't shine! We appreciate warm, dark, smooth sound signatures that we can relax to and enjoy our music without our ears bleeding...
  8. Mcarter3

    Audeze sound in a closed headphone

    I am wondering if anyone can help me out. I have recently picked up a bunch of headphones on a renewed search for audio bliss. I grabbed an Audeze lcd x, a th-900, beyer dt1990 and some massdrop cans for signatures I have never heard, the he 4xx and sen 6xx. I am coming from denon d7000 and the...
  9. Thenewbie76

    What headphones should I get?

    Im still kind of an audiophile newbie having only purchase an AKG 7XX, fidelio X2 and Shiit fulla 2 (AMP/DAC) to go with the headphones.But I am ready to go and buy new headphones with a bigger budget and wanna see what more the "audiophile" world has to offer. Thing is i am not sure what...
  10. MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open

    MrSpeakers in-house designed headphone, AEON packs all the technology of ETHER Flow headphones into a compact, comfortable and cost-effective design, delivering the best of ETHER Flow sound quality at a dramatically more affordable price point. FEATURES All-new planar magnetic driver with our...
  11. A

    Recomended Headphones under $200 with a little warm sound signature?

    Hi :D, from now i say sorry about my inglish, im from Uruguay. Im searching for new headphones to replace my actual headphones. Now i have a Koss UR40 but i dont like them sound signature, it lacks a bit of bass and mids and the trebles (especially the cymbals) pierces my ears. I would like a...
  12. DrSeven

    Closed, warm, full size recommendations

    I'm looking for some good closed back cans to use for relaxied listening and whilst on my balkony. Looking for something warm LCD2-, Fidelio-ish, but closed. Had the Audeze LCD XC for a while now but they are too expensive imo. Been hinking about Nighthawk, MEZE 99 C, MrSpeakers Aeon, Shure...
  13. JamesB797

    New member intro / looking for warm budget IEM suggestions

    Hi, this is an introduction and a request for suggestions, since there are way too many iems out there for one person to sort through. Wall of text warning. If you don't like backstories you can ignore this post. I think I'm mostly just writing this because it's fun. And heck, if you came here...
  14. Stfr1908

    Bass heavy in ears €150-300

    Hello there, I am looking for a new set of bass heavy in ears. At the moment I have the Alpha & Delta AD 01. I am satisfied about this set but its time for an upgrade. The genres of music that I listen the most: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hiphop/R&B some preferences: * warm, smooth sound(very...
  15. Zenrap518

    Would the Sennheiser HD6XX's compliment the PSB M4U1's well?

    I am looking for an open back to compliment my PSB M4U 1's that are a tad bassier and warmer, more open, yet still engaging enough for electronic music without extremely rolled off highs. I thought of the HD6XX (I have a Schiit Stack 2 Non-Uber), but i'm not quite sure because it apparently has...
  16. Firun

    Looking for a "warm" USB DAC (~200$)

    As the title says I'm looking for a somewhat "warm" sounding USB DAC to use with my laptop. To give you guys an idea of what I'm looking for I generally decrease the highest bands on EQs somewhat (1-4db) and tend to very slighty (1-2db) increase the low end bands. Sibilance is the worst kind of...
  17. Zenrap518

    Warm-ish Amp and DAC Recommendations

    I have the PSB M4U 1 and while i think they sound great, i hear a bit of sibilance and sound break-up at louder volumes. This is a bit annoying, so i am wanting a warm and smooth solid state amp and dac to solve this. I have a budget of $200 USD, or $300 CAD (So no NFB-11.28). Also, it should be...
  18. MetalheadGeek

    New IEM for around 200

    I’m searching for new IEMs, mostly for work usage. I’ve been reading reviews for months and the choices or just overwhelming. Without being able hear any of these and having limited cross reference to my current IEMs I’m hoping for some guidance in narrowing down my choice. I like a detailed...
  19. HiCZoK

    Is there a way to still buy AKG K26? Or similar recommendations? (watch Pontypool before reading topic!)

    Hi everyone! I am a huge Koss Porta pro fan and I use it as my main driver with fiio e10k. PC use almost exclusively. I like the adjustment mechanism, build, how light it is, comfort and of course sound quality(I like warm, bassy enjoyable sound). I would like a headphone quite similar but...