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Bass heavy in ears €150-300

  1. Stfr1908
    Hello there,

    I am looking for a new set of bass heavy in ears. At the moment I have the Alpha & Delta AD 01. I am satisfied about this set but its time for an upgrade.
    The genres of music that I listen the most: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hiphop/R&B

    some preferences:

    * warm, smooth sound(very important)

    * Strong bass (very important)

    * Good build quality

    * detachable cables (good option but not the most important)

    * Price category 150 till 300 euro

    Has anyone suggestions?
  2. Burty
    Fiio FH1 ? Under budget but very nice sounding. Come with bass tips to give even more bass.
    Love listening to Amine Edge and Dance FFUC Vol One on mine. Questionable lyrics but good bass tunes.
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  3. poilsoup2
    I cant attest for Vmoda's iems but I rocked vmodas over ears for years and they have heavy bass. I thought about picking up a pair of their zincs for a bit. You might like them
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  4. serman005
    Not sure if they are warm enough for you but the SONY MDR EX800ST certainly have a vigorous bass presentation, to put it mildly.. Maybe read about them and see what you think. It is possible they could work for you.
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  5. Stfr1908
    Thanks for the suggestions! I think my choice will be the V-Moda ZN or the Sennheiser IE80 S (they sell them for a better price at amazon.de). I hope one of those will fit my musical needs. Anybody got one of those?
  6. serman005
    I have heard the Senn and liked them quite a lot. I own a lower down the food chain v-moda and like it but the treble is a bit rolled off. This is not the ZN, though, so that is irrelevant. In general, I would say that v-moda products are well-made and tend to last quite a while. They are usually musical as well.
  7. PaganDL
    Hi Stfr1908,

    Some of the following in no particular order may push the budget but I suggest looking into it for comparison.

    1More Quad Driver
    Meze 12 Classics
    Shure 215 SE
    Periodic Audio Beriliyum

    Always Demo with quality sources.

    Hope this helps.
  8. lafeuill
    Two of mine come to mind :

    - Cardas A8 30th Anniversary

    - JVC HA-FW01

    Both require powerful sources to sound their best. What do you have ?
  9. squee116
    Noble EDC Velvet

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