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What headphones should I get?

  1. Thenewbie76
    Im still kind of an audiophile newbie having only purchase an AKG 7XX, fidelio X2 and Shiit fulla 2 (AMP/DAC) to go with the headphones.But I am ready to go and buy new headphones with a bigger budget and wanna see what more the "audiophile" world has to offer. Thing is i am not sure what headphones to get. I like my X2 because they sound fun I guess and pair well with the modern music I listen to. But its soundstage is so small compared to the AKG 7XX which I like because its able to separate the sounds I guess and they are so good to game with. I also tried looking up "sound signatures" and the meaning of them. I think im looking for a V shaped headphones or a warm headphones. I tried looking at the Fostex THX00 but I heard they had a very small sound stage.If there is no warm or V shaped headphones with an average soundstage then I would not mind going for it but what other headphones should i look at other then the fostex thx00? Also my budget of right now is less then 1500 USD and I am thinking that the more expensive headphones are gonna need more then a shiit fulla 2 to power them up so a recommendation for an AMP/DAC would be nice

    Also I listen to mostly modern music like hiphop, some edm from different genres like house or trap,rock and a few old songs from before the year 2000 like the ones they played in guardians of the galaxy.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Massdrop/Sennheiser HD58X
  3. Me x3
    You should consider the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 (2nd Generation) as a much more refined headphone retaining and improving on your current headphone's capabilities.
    Expect a tighter, faster and slightly less prominent bass, that's much more clear and precise.
  4. ander427
    sennheiser HD6XX should be good for your choice though.

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