1. willsw

    Fern & Roby Open House, 11-23 Richmond, VA

    Event page: Fern & Roby has been building a listening room within their huge machine shop just south of the 14th St. bridge and are teaming up with a few other manufacturers to host an open house. There will be vinyl, digital, speakers...
  2. Audman71

    Explain: Why do Vinyl with a Digital/PC source?

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while; it seems to me most people use PCs, tablets, phones, or some kind of computing device (which is digital by nature) to record their music. Yet there are many, many albums from new artists coming out on vinyl, an analog medium. I’ve heard people try to...
  3. Arsis

    Turntable Platter mats /Slipats

    Hi guys, I have for sale a variety of slipmats that I design and draw using nothing but my eyes. I have ALS and I am paralyzed. My wife makes the mats in our garage and our shop is our only source of income. Thanks for your interest...
  4. TronII

    Most Neutral Phono Cartridge Under $200 USD?

    I have an Audio Technica LP-120 turntable with an AT95E cartridge and am looking to upgrade. I've heard about Ortofon 2M Reds, but saw the Blue (which claimed to be more linear and less warm than the Red.) However, the Blue is double the price of the Red, and that claim seems suspect to me, due...
  5. Toob-Toob

    WITHDRAWN: Koetsu Black Goldline retipped by Soundsmith

    Selling a Koetsu Black Goldline retipped by Soundsmith on 02/19 (new boron cantilever and new nude contact line stylus). Mounted just to verify that it worked. No hours on it. $985 plus shipping.
  6. AReasonableMan

    Little Bear T11 Tube Phono Preamp & Genalex Gold Lion Tubes

    Tube rectified phono preamp based on the EAR 834P circuit! If you want a warmer tube sound in your analog setup this is a great deal! I'm selling because I want to go back to a solid state phono pre. Has about 100 Hrs on it, 70 on the nice tubes. If you bought everything I have here new it...
  7. heidimilk

    Vinyl as source

    Hello there! I was wondering; does listening to music via vinyl enhance your listening experience in any way? Not only in sound quality, but in the way you set up each piece you want to listen to. So, does it make you listen to the music more actively and enjoy it more or is it just annoying...
  8. TheSonicTruth

    ONE Reason Behind Recent Resurgence of Vinyl LP's Popularity

    Pictures paint a thousand words...
  9. E

    Turntable and headphone amp suggestions!

    Hi, I've made a few posts already about headphone amplifier suggestions, but I came across this little hybrid amplifier named the NS-08E. So, I was wondering if this amplifier could be paired with the AT LP-120 to get good sound? Also I'm using the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm headphones. Thanks!
  10. doubleh87

    I want to add a vinyl player to my existing setup

    I have the following setup in my living room: A/V Receiver: Sony STR-DH550 (I mainly use this for PlayStation, Chromecast, and laptop connection) Speakers: Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 (Just cheap 5.1 surrounding speakers) TV: LG 47LD450 (not sure if relevant, but just in case) The receiver does not...
  11. bostown

    New England Audio Hobbyist Meet Up: "FRANKENFEST" (Fall Session) - Saturday Oct 20, 2018

    We're on for the 2018 FallFrankenFest! Saturday October 20th, 2018 12pm-5pm We have once again secured the American Legion Lodge in Sutton, MA for Saturday October 20th, 2018. We have the room for 12 noon until 5 PM though "organizers" can show up early to help "setup". This is our second...
  12. wormsdriver


    Project Essential III Special Edition The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's TT In very good condition, used for maybe 15 hours it doesn't get much use so I'm looking to sell it. I would like to bundle it with my LP's and an Audioquest Anti-static record cleaning brush. I also bought a 50 pack of rice paper...
  13. T

    How much should i spend on A Vinyl Player?

    Hi everyone So i want to take my hifi setup to the next level and i figured going vynil would be a good investment. How much should i at least pay on a player to not Bottleneck the setup? I saw an ION player with cinch output(which i need) for 100 bucks but i guess that would kinda destroy the...
  14. iaza

    Improving my Audiogene A5+ AudioTechica LP120 Set Up

    Hi guys! first time posting, first time needing some advice that is far above my audio-paygrade So I've had my Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB for about 3 years now running out through a 14-year-old bose sounddock, which has been great for my dorm and such. But when I moved to my new place I...
  15. Todd

    TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner Promo

    Hi All, We are going to send a bottle of our 2 oz TTVJAudio Vinyl Zyme Record Cleaner out to 10 people to test and write a review in this thread. The requirements to participate in this program are - you should have a record cleaning machine and a vinyl rig to play your records on. When...
  16. macdonjh

    Digitizing vinyl, help please

    Is someone out there able to help? I have a couple of vinyl albums I would like digitized but no longer have the hardware. If you are willing and able a PM would be appreciated.
  17. barryt

    New phono preamp

    I have created a most unusual phono-preamplifier, I have a couple of prototypes, I am looking for critics to critique these for sonic performance. You interested?
  18. Ksweene5

    Turntable Question - Pro-ject Debut Carbon Espirit SB and its place in the world

    Hi HF - I could post this in a more turntable oriented forum, but I like the HF community more. Where, in your estimation, does a ProJect Debut Carbon Esprit SB fall among turntables? Is it a stepping stone? Is the money better spent on a vintage table ?(everything else I use is vintage)...
  19. Sound Quest

    Albums that only exist in analogue

    Hi there. I'm trying to build up a catalogue of analogue. Albums that can only be obtained on LPs, tapes and other analogue mediums, but never released digitally. Most of these albums will of course be very old and probably quite rare to obtain. I've attempted an online search but can't find...
  20. T

    Headphone Amp for HifiMan HE400i - Vinyl as source

    Hi everyone! Currently have a Rega P2 Turntable running into a Cambridge CP-1 phono stage, and recently picked up Hifiman HE-400i's for less intrusive listening. I am looking into headphone amps and have heard great things about Schiit, however from what I can see on the specs page, the Magni...
  21. AReasonableMan

    Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 w/Sumiko Pearl Cartridge, Misc Upgrades

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get out of the analogue game to save some money while I'm still in college. $300+Shipping gets you a belt-drive 'table with a completely isolated motor, a cork slipmat, and a sorbothane isolation pad for the motor. I've had it since March, and it's only gotten around...
  22. Double-A

    How should I transfer vinyl music to iTunes?

    Hello, I am thinking about possibly purchasing a turntable so that I can start buying records to transfer to iTunes as digital files because I prefer the warmth of vinyl over digital music. Also, I like the pops in vinyl; I think it adds character to the music. I don't think I would use the...
  23. BackBoneCrusher

    Equilibrated Headphones with DAC

    Hi guys. I'm searching a good Headphone for my birthday and a DAC who will be connected to a Vinyl Player (I don't if it is the right name, my english is bad), for 450$. I want something pretty equilibrated, but with present Bass and Treble (More than mid, not rolled-off mid) like my earphones...
  24. Shurephile

    Signed Vinyl: Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins

    I bought a large collection of sign records, most came without COA, some with. I'm selling everything that doesnt interest me. Here are the records, they are signed, and will let you know by who if you're interested; Peter Gabriel So Phil Collins Hello I Must Be Going Phil Collins No Jacket...
  25. arteom

    Paul Hynes MM/MC Phono Stage 115/220v

    Downsizing my gear, have decided to move to an integrated amp. Excellent sound phono preamp. I bought it off Audio Circle used for $800. When it first arrived, I noticed a mechanical buzz coming from the power supply case (it's a two case system). I contacted Paul Hynes, who said it would need a...