New England Audio Hobbyist Meet Up: "FRANKENFEST" (Fall Session) - Saturday Oct 20, 2018

  1. bostown
    We're on for the 2018 FallFrankenFest!
    Saturday October 20th, 2018 12pm-5pm

    We have once again secured the American Legion Lodge in Sutton, MA for Saturday October 20th, 2018. We have the room for 12 noon until 5 PM though "organizers" can show up early to help "setup".

    This is our second time at this venue - the last event in March went quite smoothly.

    The location is just off of route 146 south of the Mass Pike (I90) - so this should be a little bit closer for most of us versus Clinton.

    Dudley-Gendron American Legion
    156 Boston Rd
    Sutton, MA 01590

    Here's a link to a map:!8m2!3d42.1598864!4d-71.7401907

    The room costs us $250.

    Entry fee for this event will be $5 per person (kids and spouses are free).
    This money will go toward paying for the next event's room fees.

    There's more -
    We are not allowed to bring alcohol onsite or drink out in the parking lots - but - there is a bar adjacent to our room for those who crave a brewski with the friendly locals.

    There is a kitchen area where we can use the refrigerator and also warm food - but don't plan on cooking a meal there.

    Things to consider bringing: Snack foods, prepared foods, beverages ( non alcoholic), Donuts, Coffee , finger foods, etc.

    As we saw last time there are tables available.
    We should bring extension cords and power strips.

    They have an ATM in the bar (could be dangerous, I know).

    Plenty of parking and no stairs from the parking lot so loading and unloading will be easy.

    It's wonderful that we can continue the FrankenFest tradition.
    For now it looks like a Fall (October) and Winter (March) event schedule works out well so we'll stick to that.

    **Note to our friends at (where this particular invite is being listed) , while the Frankenfest events are not specifically HEADPHONE related, there are members among the group who also have interest in Personal Audio systems - This particular social tends to be more conventional "hi-fi"/ and Audio Gear related ( of any and all kind, no secret handshakes or pretentious snobbery amongst this bunch of audio yahoos, we appreciate if you share the same mindset)

    Also, If you plan to bringing gear or media to swap or sell, keep it within reason. Loading up the car from floor to roof with the intent offloading your stash of gear at Market value is probably NOT a good idea.

    An opportunity for a full blown "bargain hunter" BUYER / SELLER type event happens in the FALL at the MIT SWAPFEST in Cambridge MA - The final MIT Swapfest of the season will happen on Sunday October 21, 2018 9am Info for the MIT event can be found at the following link:
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