1. sergiup

    Replacing Super.Fi 5 jack

    Hello all! My UE Super.Fi 5 have a pretty much dead connection to one of the buds, traced to the cable literally at or just before the jack. They've long been replaced by a pair of Triple.Fi 10, but for sentimental reasons and because I love fiddling I'm looking to fix them anyway.   Now...
  2. Cosmid

    Ultimate Ears Superfi 5 Pro cable replacement

    I bought a pair of Sf5Pro at least three years ago, but have not used it much. I prefer the sound of Etymotic ER4S much better. This Sunday I saw them on my draw, so I listened to them for a while. I actually would like to give them a try. However, the cable is getting rigid maybe because of the...
  3. thornygravy

    Problem with vocal sibilance in iems.

    I bought of pair of Super.fi 5 EBs a year back and sold them after a week of listening. I loved that they had detachable cables, but I didn't like the overpowering bass and the sharp highs that make sibilance unbearable in most of my music.   Ever since, I've been using my Koss PortaPros...
  4. mrbrad

    Why amp needed for low impedance and high sensativity

    I was reading a review of the Simple.fi 5 on anythingbutipod.com and the reviewer stated that with the combination of low impedance (13 Ohm) and high sensitivity (115db/mW), the earphones would function much better with an amp. Can someone explain why this is?
  5. mrbrad

    Super.fi 5 deal, available for $60

    Read this on cnet.com. If you go to the logitech site, add the super.fi 5 to your cart, they show up as costing $99, not $149. Then, enter  logi_sf5_121610 in the coupon code, they change to $60. And, free shipping. Great deal.   http://reviews.cnet.com/holiday-gift-guide/portable-audio/
  6. die kassette

    Is there someone who have the EB's and triple fi pro?

    I know that those are diferent. I used Eb's and have a problem with a left bass driver. So I consider buying new set... But the price of triple fi now is not so big, the sound is much more important for me than that diference... I listen a lot of electronica, new age, trip hop, but also a...
  7. Nuks

    Downgrading from Super.fi 5 pro's to Head-Direct RE0?

    Hey all,   I have had UE super.fi 5 Pro's for probably 3 or 4 years now and loved them. However, they broke a while ago and were replaced by full-size AKG's, which was fine at the time as I never listened to music on the go. Now that I travel on the subway to work, I need a good pair of...
  8. teknikal


    Hey all, I have a UE SF.5pro, connected to a Macbook Pro just via the audio out. It's VERY noisy... so I used the packed-in attenuator. Problem is, the cable on it has gone dodgy and loose! Like, only works when it's bent in a certain way... I live in Australia and it doesn't look like...
  9. Geruvah

    IEM budget: up to $250

    Been out of the IEM world and I want get a new one since my old ones went missing...a long time ago. Didn't mind at first, my commute just didn't have music. But now I saw how much new music I've been missing out on, so I have to get a new pair. Don't think I want the same ones, I'd like to try...
  10. daonesteven

    Cheapest option that sounds similar to SF5 pro's?

    I've been out of the game for a couple years now and I have no idea which cheap iem nowadays sound most similar to my favorite iems 2 years ago, which were the sf5 pro's.  I just want to see what cheap options there currently.  TIA!    by sounding similar to SF5 pro's, i mean like really fun...
  11. TekWarfare

    Bass heavy IEMs for Dubstep

    For the past 2 years I have been listening to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. I have owned a pair of Sony EX-500LP earphones for 6 months, but today they have broke so I am looking for a replacement. I was happy with my 500's after the burn-in period; In a quiet environment and "Bass Booster" EQ...
  12. matto


    I just picked my self up a pair from ebay, the seller still has white ones left though I got the black ones and if people saw my thread 2 or so weeks ago i was planning on getting the triple.fi's, mtpc/mtpg etc etc. but eh for $85 AUD shipped to me you can't go wrong with that and he was also...
  13. Artemka

    Problem with UE 5 Pro customized by FISHER.

    I got my UE 5 Pro customs about 8 month ago. I have been using them with COWON D2 which sounds amazing.    Nevertheless, last weekend I faced a problem. The sound signature of my earphones changed completely and no for the better. All the "Volume" is gone and I can't think of any reason for...
  14. sharp910sh

    Replacement for Ultimate Ears superfi pro 5s

    My pro 5s sadly died today, the  one of the IEM broke in 1/2. lasted 3 years. i have about £100 to spend what should i buy? I like the dual drivers and the sound. I watch films alot so not a load of base. clarity is vital for speech when watchign films.   any ideas?   Jason
  15. vizZir

    Which in ear to replace UE Superfi 5 ??

    Hello everyone !   My Shure SE110 had a problem so to replace them I bought UE Superfi 5 based on many comments. Unfortunately after getting them I found them horrible for 1 main reason: the sliding friction of the wire creates an horrible sound inside the speakers. After searching if it was...
  16. LawstCawz

    Logitech Ultimate Ears Warranty Service is Ultimately Worthless

    I just wanted to throw out a cautionary tale to anyone who's considering the new Ultimate Ears I purchased a pair of UE SF 5 Pro's about three months ago. About one month ago, I started having problems with the cable, so I contacted Logitech to warranty the cable. I was told to mail the...
  17. oskarcaz

    ultimate ears

    So i've had my super fi 5s for a little over half a year now and they suddenly stopped working. I suspect its the cables so i email ultimate ears customer service for a new cable and i get an email telling me to call logitech. i call logitech and everything seems fine,they take all my info down...
  18. bmw3wags

    Best Upgrade from Shure SE110----Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5vi Good?

    Hi I have had my Shure SE110 for awhile and they are starting to go bad and I was looking to upgrade and was wondering what you guys think would be the best way to go. I listen to a variety of music, classic rock, electronic, country, hip-hop. I have seen that amazon has the Ultimate Ears Super...
  19. plailleur

    Logitech support team doesn't know the difference between old and new Ultimate Ears models!

      Bought a pair of Super.fi 5 pro in NYC back in 2007.   These were to replace my Koss Porta Pros (had 2) as I wanted something really portable at that time. Wasn't pleased with the price value of the Shures e4c (as compared to e3c) and couldn't afford the e5c.   Like many other...
  20. hhenryks

    Bulk Ultimate Ears on eBay

    I noticed some bulk Ultimate Ears products on eBay that don't come in retail packaging, and they seem to be priced very cheap. Has anyone bought a pair of these? Are they fakes? The seller seems to have sold quite a few so I was just wondering if anyone had any experience. Ultimate Ears Super...
  21. mralexosborn

    IEM with Grado'esque forwardness?

    I recently received my SR225's. I can no longer enjoy my music with my SuperFi 5's (v2) anymore. I was wondering what is the closest to the Grado sound under $200 new?
  22. ryan5601

    Please give me your opinions on these IEM's

    Hey guys first post here, i have been using my V Moda vibes for around a year now and it just broke recently, prob pulled the cable too much or something. Now using SuperFi 4vi but it hurts my ears, i have small ear canals.   Anyway i have been looking around on Ebay and i can get another...
  23. ProjectDenz

    Logitech U.E SuperFi 5 - $99 - Possible Good Deal for Australians.

    http://www.logitechshop.com.au/products/Logitech-U.E-SuperFi-5-Earphones.html   $99 with free postage within Australia. Just wanted to share.
  24. shaddix

    Another help me pick some IEMs thread. Looking for warm/lush.

    Pulling my hair out here. Sold my HD650s, about to sell my HD595s. Neither of these isolate and I need something I can listen to with this whirring computer and the ceiling fans running. I wear glasses as contacts bother my eyes too much(another reason I sold the 650s). Been looking all over...
  25. dimmockg

    New IEM advice please

      I have an ipod touch and want to replace the bundled offerings.   I've trawled through the threads (for quite some time) and done a fair bit of researching etc.   My budget is £60 - see further down   I have/am considered the following:   Ultimate Ears Superfi 5' @ £35...