1. 7Virtues

    How do you know if an IEM needs amped?

    Are there any that even require to be amped?
  2. Tstorey

    Apple MFI Pricing?

    I didn't really know where to put this since it originally related to my search for an iPhone DAC that would allow me to enjoy superior sound with my iPhone and not have a separate gadget for music (I subsequently ended up with a DX90 and love it!).   However, I've just noticed that on the...
  3. dharan

    Best Looking Portable

    I'm sort of stealing this idea from the Full-size forum. But I think the Beyerdynamic T51p is the best looking portable I've seen so far. On the contrary, Sennheiser Momentums are too leather laden for my tastes, and as I mentioned once already, the stitching in the leather headband reminds me...
  4. navii

    beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

    lets enjoy   I got mine last week and am really loving the sound. They look very stylish too, sort of video game techy.     Here are some reviews:   Quote from http://www.headfonia.com/amazing-beyerdynamic-t51p/     Quote from...
  5. nangryo

    Teclast T51 Spare parts?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place   I'm currently have a Teclast T51, but it suffers form touchscreen failure. Everthing runs fine. It could boot up and the scrren is normal. Just the touchscreen is non functioning. Does anyone has a link to the spare part for it or maybe have a dead T51...
  6. dryvadeum

    WTB: Nationite S Flo 2 or Teclast T51

    As per the title, I'm looking for either a Nationite S Flo 2 or Teclast T51 in good condition and working order. Please PM me if you have one to sell.
  7. Retfeg

    Which DAP to go with AKG K3003i

    I am a new owner of AKG K 3003i amazing iem's. I am currently using it with my old and beloved iRiver iH120 player. I am just wondering if the player might be the best pairing combination for these high end iem's? I could easily spend anothercouple of hundred dollars to improve my setup...
  8. whoelse

    Teclast T51 + MS1i and CMOY Amp?

    Hi, I am exploring option whether to add a portable amp just for fun while women buy bags and shoes we need some man toys too sometime :)   I have the T51 that uses RK2806 as DAC, Philips UDA1308 for HO and TI Op Amp OPA2604 for LO. I am waiting for my MS1i to come and I heard the Grado RA-1...
  9. faideelah

    Wanted: S:Flo2/Teclast T51

    I'm looking for a S:Flo2 or Teclast T51 in good-excellent condition. Box does not need to be included, but the USB cable must be.   Reply/PM with a price.  I prefer the seller to be in the USA so I won't have to wait 2 weeks for it.
  10. pcia

    Cowon J3 vs. T51/S:flo2 vs. iPod Classic

    Hi guys. Which one of these is the best of SQ, battery life, UI? All of them are long time on a market, so are there any successors?
  11. compicat

    Teclast T51 or SFLO 2

    I m looking for good condition Teclast T51 or SFLO 2. I live in Turkey, so dap should be shipped to Turkey.   Thanks.
  12. zerodoug

    Nationite S:Flo2/Teclast T51, Meizu M6 , Cowon J3 Comparison

      First time post: I have been looking for a great sounding lossless player for audio only. (Video features are fine but I won’t use them.) After spending a couple hours scrubbing through the reviews and threads here I have narrowed my search to these three players. Here is a rundown of the...
  13. neozengar

    Teclast T51 or SFLO 2

    I am looking for any condition teclast t51 or sflo2.  Any condition is fine as lone as it is working.  Please let me know if you have one for sale.  My budget is around 100-120. 
  14. turokrocks

    New Teclast T51 With the Gray screen (not the blue one with a low quality sound)

    New with box, only opened to check that it is in working condition. Only missing the iem that came with (which is useless). Check : http://www.head-fi.org/t/447479/teclast-t51 With  the Gray screen (not the blue one with a low quality sound)...
  15. Mortuus

    WTB:Teclast t51/s:flo2

    Looking for one in good condition. Prefer it to be in uk or europe.   Let me know if you have one, it's condition and storage etc.   Also, please note the price as well as I'm not looking to spend too much.   I'm in Birmingham, Uk.   my ebay history: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/baronmortuus
  16. big-man

    SFLO2 (teclast t51) great condition grab a bargain + free gift (cases and iems)

    Had the slfo2 for quite a while now but it has had no use for around a year. it is in great condition and is an amazing player especially at this price. honestly doubt anything for £60 would compare.    In good condition with a few minimal signs on ware on the back works perfectly.   Buy...
  17. Sludig

    Nationite s:flo2/Teclast T51

    I'm looking for this player. I'm from Spain, so I need it can be ship to Europe at a rasonable price. If you are interested send me a pm with you offer. Best regards.
  18. Varley

    Teclast T51 + 32gb card + Leather cases

    Selling my Teclast T51 as I just use my iPhone everywhere I go now. This Telast is less than a year old, in mint condition and still has the retail box and all accessories. Plus some nationite s:Flo leather cases + 32gb Class 10 card. The Teclast needs a firmware reset/update as I tried to...
  19. etys rule

    I want a Teclast/Nationite s:flo2 T51...if you've got one I'll pay up to $200

     Depending on condition.  I've read that some models were considered lemons.  I think the blue screens are flaky.  So I am looking for one with a gray screen, unless you have a blue screen one that you can guarantee has no faults.   Shoot me a PM and I'll reply quickly.  Thanks in advance...
  20. ace8888

    Teclast T51 Sflo2 8 gb used in excellent condition

    Excellent condition used under 20 hours. Bought last year. Couple of scratches on the corner back side of the player but never been dropped.. working perfectly fine. Include all accessories and original box. Shipping is included.
  21. Sefelt103

    WTB Nationite S:Flo2 (Teclast T51)

    Wanted Nationite S:Flo2 (Teclast T51) 2/4/8/16GB capacity either used or faulty. Blue or grey screen models. Describe what you have for sale. Worldwide offers.
  22. kevin8432

    SOLD! Teclast T51 (Nationite S:Flo2) 8GB LIKE NEW!

    I bought this T51 new a year ago. And used it 3~4 times for less than 20 hours totally. Nothing wrong with it, just prefer the UI of ipod for daily use. It is in absolutely like new condition. Asking for $70 including Paypal fee and shipping to CONUS. Thanks. 
  23. etys rule

    Teclast T51 with gray screen. Comes with all papers and manuals in original box.

    Please, allow me to preface my remarks by saying this unit has never had any media transferred onto it.  It's brand spankin' new.  Comes in original Teclast box with all papers and earphones.   I am only selling as I've decided to build a computer based rig.  As such, I need to raise money...
  24. bocur

    Storb Mod Teclast T51

    Hi; Incredible sounded Storb Mod Teclast T51 Its sounds like Hm-801 and better than Hm-602 Only the player will be sent, It has no original box. Price included Worldwide shipping with tracking number. Buyer pays paypall fees Thanks Yağız
  25. Alias Gu

    Any great portable digital players?Just got SONY EX1000, but also got frustrated.

    I just got EX1000 by SONY. It seems the majority that owns EX1000 doesn't use Ipod Classic to pair them. Ipod Classic really can't drive EX1000 very well, maybe only up to 50%? But this pair sounds no good. Singers' voice is awkward in some points; sounds go very awkward when i play some...