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Teclast TL-T51 Line out + Sennheiser MX580 volume control = Good combo :)

  1. whoelse
    Yesterday I pick up a pair of MX580 and I love the sound. Even without proper burn in, it became my instant favourite. It's detail, warm and sweet. I have a few IMEs but I prefer normal earphone, more comfortable for me. The UF10 is great, very clean, detail and fast sounding but the wire and large size is troublesome.
    I initially thought I will hate the volume control but it add almost zero weight to the earphone I must say. Instead of using it as volume, I do not mind using it as mute so I do not need to unplug or remove the earphone when someone is talking to me - nice :)
    I also find it good switching the volume to the lowest and use the line out from the TL-T51. Sweet, now I have a very clean sounding source.
  2. ouyangleis
  3. 3602
    I have to say that the Line Out function of any DAP is not supposed to drive a load.
  4. whoelse


    Yes, but it sounds works well with my MX580 and PX200-II :)

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