beyerdynamic T51p & T51i impressions thread

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  1. navii
    lets enjoy
    I got mine last week and am really loving the sound. They look very stylish too, sort of video game techy.
    Here are some reviews:
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    Quote from
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  2. navii
    Does anyone know if you can swivel the ear cups like on the DT1350s in this image:

    I can swivel mine like that, but when I straighten them up they start swivelling really easily. I don't know how to "lock" them back into position... if that is at all possible. The store I got them from said I can take them back, but if I am doing something wrong I would like to know.
  3. navii
    Fixed the issue. You can remove the earcup with its rail from the headband and screw / rotate the plastic bit that holds them till its firm.
    By the way I really love their sound. Punchy, articulate, textural and the vocals really shine.
    Also they are very comfy, I wear super chunky glasses and they don't even touch each other.
  4. DrFunk001
    Glad someone finally started this tread.I absolutely love mine. They sound fantastic and have all day long comfort. They would be completely perfect if it weren't for the cable has a tendency to tangle(non-removable). I also have the x1 and owned the 650, I prefer these to all of them.
  5. jazzwave

    Better than 650? hmm interesting..
    I'm looking portable headphone for travelling. Currently keep; DT770 250Ohm, Focal Sprit Classic for home.
    T51p, Momentum on my radar, I tried Momentum in store, good resoution, lttle bit bright for me.

    I never heard T51p, is there similiar sound with DT770? tell me the sound of T51p

  6. florence
  7. h1a8
    How does the bass of the t51p compare to the NAD Viso Hp50? Is it significantly more in quantity?
  8. Frank I for those interested Mad Lust Envy
  9. h1a8
    Quick comparison on sound quality and comfort of v-moda m100 vs. t51p/I anyone?

    Source = galaxy s5 or iphone 5s or ibasso dx50
    Music= hip hop, jazz, r&b, pop, rock, electronic
    Uses= on the go
  10. LMA53
    Got the T51i model couple of days ago and so far these feel like the best On Ears I've had. Previously I've used the V-Moda XS (had to return these because of a flaw but didn't like the confort and the Momentum On Ear. 
    On awesome thing about T51is is the ability to use and get a clear sound without using much volume.
  11. h1a8


    Clearness, bass, soundstage, and 2 hour comfort comparison?
  12. Frank I
    Same on both headphones except one has as microphone.  I have heard both and they are the same except for the phone usage connector.
  13. mmu16
    I just bought a pair of T51p's based on recommendations by a fellow forum member. Bloody brilliant! Was eyeing a pair of Thinksound On1's which are amazing headphones but these were better.  Sound quality was slightly better but build quality was leagues ahead. I use them with a Fiio X5 and they pair up extremely well. Didnt bother with the T51i version since they will be used exclusively with a DAP. Highly recommended. 
    Also, can someone please explain to me the hierarchy in Beyerdynamic's headphone line up? Its mighty confusing! 
  14. swmtnbiker
    Can anyone offer direct comparison impressions between the T51p/i and the Sennheiser Amperior? I *love* my Amperiors but the ergonomics and design of the Beyer appeal to me more.
  15. Deterministic NL
    Looks like I'm dragging a thread up from deep in the forum but I just got a set of Beyerdynamic Tesla T51P's. Built a Bottlehead Crack for a friend of mine, and did it for nothing because I just love doing stuff like that and to my surprise he gave me the Tesla's. Only caveat was one channel was cutting out and we finished it off messing around with it. 
    Anyway I contacted Beyerdynamic and sure enough they sell replacement cables.  Got them in the mail today and soldered them in and WOW!  Great set of cans!  My mostly all time favorite headphones are the Sony MDR-V6 and while I'm not sure this unseats them it certainly sounds different in a wonderful way.  Matter of fact they sound great.  Listening to Grateful Dead on a MacBookAir with a Fiio E17 DAC connected.  iTunes is operating with the app,  Bit Perfect. 
    I'm pretty stunned and amazed at these things.  Worth picking up a pair if you can find them. 
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