sound quality
  1. T

    Help with "taking headphone sounds quality" to the next level

    Budget - about 350 dollars Source - Samsung Galaxy s 10 plus How the gear will be use - on the go I do need NC and Prefer tonal - I have no idea how to answer it but I can say that I like to listen to any instrument and hear the voice of the singer most cleanly so bass less what I'm...
  2. S

    iPod touch 5th gen worth it?

    Hello! I found a relatively cheap deal on eBay for a brand new iPod touch 5g. And I was wondering is it worth it? Because my current setup is Audio Technica Ath-M70x headphones with Huawei P10 plus and FiioA1 amplifier. Or the same headphones with an iPad Air 2. My question is will I notice a...
  3. plugincitizen

    new member, looking for good value over-ear headphones under £200

    I have VERY little knowledge so far headphone-wise and not much money at the moment so I'm trying to find a pair of good over-ear headphones to use mainly at home for music listening and movie watching. I'm not too fussed about bluetooth or noise cancelling - just that the sound quality is good...
  4. Hoegaardener70

    AffinityCables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Hi! I am opening up this thread since I saw here the occasional single feedback on (and also some sales of) AffinityCables adapters. But there is no dedicated thread yet, which I find surprising since cable adapters are immensely useful for head-fiers who have invested in expensive cables...
  5. O

    Best bluetooth earbuds under $100 (CAD)

    The most important feature for me is sound quality. I'd mainly use them in workouts or to watch films so bass capabilities and sound balance are important. Right now, I've got it narrowed down to the Anker Soundspirit Pro and the OnePlus Bullets wireless. Between the two of them, what should I...
  6. Nickesteen

    Looking for closed back headphones around $500

    Hi guys! I’m new to audio and I’m interested in investing in a good pair of closed back headphones for around 500 dollars. The only reference I have is the dt770s, which imo were under my expectations. I’ve been looking at reviews and such and I have been getting my eye on either the...
  7. Hoegaardener70

    Difference between classical music recordings - interpretations and year of release

    Hi! I am currently sorting my CD / music library. Being a bit of a collector, I gathered over the years many, many different versions of the same pieces and concerts. And I now realize that I should not have done that .... whereas I do enjoy the different interpretations, I seem "not musically...
  8. O

    [Headphone suggestion] Upgrading the HD 518

    Hello, I'm currently using the Sennheiser HD 518 but I would like to get an upgrade. It shouldn't be more than like 450€. I already own a fiio e10k DAC + AMP combo. Can someone recommend me a noticeable upgrade? One thing I don't like about mine is that other people hear everything, which...
  9. AthenaZephyrian

    Powerful de-clipper/dynamic range decompressor VST plugin (foobar compatible)

    Found a plugin you guys may find interesting. Search (ctrl+f) "relife" on the page. Use it with foorbar's VST adapter, and set it to 3-peak mode. It seems to improve layering a lot, and reduces some of the roughness in vocals caused by dynamic range compression (instrumentals crowding in on...
  10. H

    USB type C vs. 3.5mm jack

    Since most new Smartphone manufacturers ditch the 3.5mm jack, i am curious, if headphones who connect via the type c port would have the same sound quality?
  11. TheSonicTruth

    Question Regarding Sound Quality of MP3 Files from Different Sources

    Which do you all think would sound better: A MP3 purchased and downloaded from a service such as Amazon, or, one ripped, at a high enough bitrate(256kbps or higher) from one's own CD of the same song?
  12. kylewit

    End Game Setup Suggestions for HD800 and HDVA600

    I have purchased the Senn HD800 hp, HDVA600 amp, DacMagic Plus dac, connected through USB2 to Acer Chromebook R11 on 320 kbit/s spotify premium stream. The HP and amp are endgame for me. I have neither upgraded to lossless format nor upgraded cables (incl. CH 800 S). I am wondering whether my...
  13. A

    Sound Quality of new Xiaomi Note 5 pro

    I am going to buy a new phone. And Xiaomi Note 5 pro is my first choice. As this will be my primary music player too, I would like to know how it sounds like. I heard some users complained about bad sound quality of this device after an update, and then xioami released another update to fix this...
  14. Basshead Paul

    Why is it considered bad for sound quality to add more bass (with bass boost or equalizer) to accurate, neutral headphones such as AKG K7xx?

    I own a few sets of headphones and one of them is AKG K7xx. They're great headphones for a lot of reasons, but bass is their weakest characteristic. I've seen other audiophiles with similar issues, and I'm wondering why people don't just add more bass with an equalizer or bass boost function...
  15. T

    Sony MDR 7506 hurts my ear

    Hi all, I've recently bought the MDR 7506 after reading tons of positive reviews. The headphones indeed sound as good as I expected. However, my ear pinna is hurt after approximately an hour of listening, and it's painful. My question is will the comfort improve if I replace the stock ear...
  16. F

    I am looking for headphones for £30 $40- £50 good/excellent Sound quality?

    Hello I am looking for new headphones as the padding on my old headphones is pealing . What I am looking for is headphones with good/excellent sound quality for around £30/$40? There are so many makes and manufactures some well known established brands and others which known to be each...
  17. S

    Effect of headphone impedance on sound quality

    Let's say a headphone has high impedance such as 100 ohm. So, when it's used with mobile devices instead of computer what will be the difference in sound quality? Will the sound will be just low in volume or bass, mid range and treble will be affected?
  18. R

    What headphones produce accurate sound?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find some comfortable headphones that have a frequency range of 15 hz, fit over the ear for comfort and sounds as accurate as possible with no trebble enhancements or boosting features that try to make your music sound better. If I'm listening to say binural beats and...
  19. headfry

    Fave Artist's Signature Tunes!

    This thread is to choose the one song that to you best expresses the depth of soul of your fave recording artist. One song per artist - up to 10 selections for the sake of brevity! Timeless musicality and artistry - the song that to you fully communicates all of the artist's brilliance. The...