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AffinityCables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. Hoegaardener70
    Hi! I am opening up this thread since I saw here the occasional single feedback on (and also some sales of) AffinityCables adapters. But there is no dedicated thread yet, which I find surprising since cable adapters are immensely useful for head-fiers who have invested in expensive cables.

    Anyway, I own a set of adapters (3.5mm -> HD800S) and one XLR -> 6.4mm converter and am very happy with both. I really like that affinitycables has no cable connection (it's affinityadapters :) I guess) which helps durability and also prevents that some adapter dangles next to the head from the headphone. I could not notice any sound degradation at all, which is probably the best thing one can say about adapters.

    The vendor ships from Singapore, I got my two orders within 7-10 days, which easily beats any other cable maker I dealt with (Double Helix Cables, cough cough).

    Anyone else who has good experiences with these adapters?

    IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0044.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019

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