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Sound Quality of new Xiaomi Note 5 pro

  1. Ashik549
    I am going to buy a new phone. And Xiaomi Note 5 pro is my first choice. As this will be my primary music player too, I would like to know how it sounds like. I heard some users complained about bad sound quality of this device after an update, and then xioami released another update to fix this issue.

    So, I would like to know, after the update, does it sound good? It doesn't have to be in LG V or HTC flagship category, but I am hoping it to be atleast as good as my current device (Samsung Galaxy Alpha).

    Also, I would like to know which one sounds better between Xiaomi Mi A1 and Note 5 pro. If Mi A1 sounds noticeably better, then I may buy that instead of Note 5 pro.

    Thanks in Advance all :)

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