1. DStanizzi

    Best Headphones Under 200$

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm new to the forum but I have been lurking around Head-Fi for years. I would like to apologize for another "Best Headphone for Under 200$" post I know there a bit cliche but I have yet to find one that fits my situation and needs. I have always like good sounding music. Ever...
  2. ilikedonkeys39

    Best Buy headphones

    I have a bestbuy giftcard and my parents said i could get anything from best buy, so obviouly i want headphones. I have the vmoda m80 right now, im thinking of getting the bose qc15 just because they are SO COMFY and isolate SO GOOD. Or im thinking of getting beats mixrs, partly because they...
  3. SleepyHippo

    Help! Best headphone under 250€! Needs to be available in Italy

    I am looking for a sub 250€ headphone. It needs to be available in Italy. I go on the bus everyday so it needs to be comfortable, not leak sound and work very well when the source is an iPhone 4. It doesn't have to have noise cancelling. I listen primarily to Alternative  and rock but sometimes...
  4. bonoscot

    Good Headphones for Home Cinema??

    Guys im awaiting my pair of New Sony mdr-1r headphones being received in the mail.....managed to get a brand new pair for £85,these phones will be used for, my on the move listening.   I am looking for a great pair of cans for home Cinema and gaming....I was told that the beyerdynamic are...
  5. SoundWhore

    Next headphones to try?

    I'm searching for suitable headphones for electronic (dance) music listening and hobby production.  What I am looking for: +big, fun, loud, live "in your face" sound stage. If it sounds small, distant and weak I won't even approach such cans, this is most important for me. +clean, open...
  6. gdourado

    New Headphones: Philips Citiscape Uptown or Sony MDR-1R?

    Hello,   How are you? I have been reading the forum and some reviews for some time. I recently registered because I am wanting to buy some new headphones and really need some advice. I am currently searching for headphones to use mainly at the office, to listen to music form my iPod Video...
  7. Rolen_it_Up

    The 2013 Closed Headphone Shootout in the $300 Class

    I had the opportunity to acquire several pairs of high quality headphones through my job, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back into the headphone game in a big way. As you can see, I've been a member here for a long time, but I haven't had the itch for the last couple of years...
  8. kozy2013

    Best Over Ear or On Ear Headphones for around $200 RIGHT NOW

    Hey guys, heard about this site from a friend. I was told if im looking for headphones, this is the place to be.    So... Im looking for the best headphones for around $200. Can go a little over $200 if its worth it. What i mean by "best" is sound quality. Im not too interested in looks. ...
  9. icewind

    most comfortable closed heaphones (=<$200)

    Audio Technica ATH AD700 headphone user here.  hi :)   Love these headphones for the comfort level.  I get headaches quite easily, and a lot of different headphones give me one by being too tight on the ears and even sometimes too enclosed (ie airtight that it feels like my ears will pop)...
  10. tan1415

    Hot ears with Overears headphones.

    Hi All,   I wear closed headphones over ears style. And after a while. less than 1 ears start to get hot. I use the MDR1 and the Faa03clones from jaycars. I need to take it off a for a few minutes and its ok again.   Quite irritating.   Is this a common issue? or is it...
  11. XiuberHD419

    Good headphone for cello music and rap under $200

    Im looking for a new pair of headphones for under $200, and I like listening to the above to types of music, any suggestions?
  12. xkonfuzed

    Your perfect Headphone

    I always wished companies took characteristics of certain headphones and put it in one headphone, mine would look like this: The bass of an LCD-2, the midrange of an HD650, the treble of a DT880, transparency and detail of a Beyer T1, the soundstage of an HD800, the looks of a Sony MDR 1R, the...
  13. ramarge3653

    Best Portable Headphone without an amp for $250 max Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop Genres

    I'm looking for recommendations for a portable headphone that will be used solely with my Galaxy S4 playing FLAC audio files.  I'm looking for something to fulfill the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Genre.  I love bass, but don't want something sloppy that will overpower the mids and highs.   I've...
  14. josephLinrad

    Sony MDR-1R vs Beats Professional

    Jokes aside, has anyone had the opportunity to listen to both long enough for a few details?
  15. larry1975

    Just Ordered

    a new set of headphones the Beats Studio Wireless in matte black. Let me say this I have the Sony MDR-1R's they are really good, hopefully the Beats will be half as good as I really want wireless. I have read a couple of good reviews on them but I guess I will find out Monday when they arrive.
  16. ilpomo

    [REVIEW] Sony MDR-1R: the best < $199 headphones available

    Music: Basement Jaxx Burial Celldweller Daft Punk Massive Attack Rob Zombie The Chemical Brothers The Crystal Method Skrillex Setting: Files are all in Apple Lossless (.m4a) format, exept for Basement Jaxx and Celldweller that are in MPEG-1 Audio Layer III (.mp3 @320kbit/s, 44100Hz)...
  17. lubczyk

    Travel headphones (Over/EAr Velour/Fake Velour/Closed/Travel Case/Smartphone/Replaceable cable)

    I need comfortable travel headphones that don't break the bank. I was looking at the Sennheiser Momentum but $350 New/$230 Refurbished is too much, plus the leather earpads don't instill much confidence. Looks like a headphone that just asks to be broken/stolen. It's always the cheapo headphones...
  18. kezzo

    sony mdr-1r

    i tried this cans on my cheap phone and it sounds amazing for me. i am not an audiophile, just wanting decent balanced warm sound.   music performance and comfort are okay to me. i want to buy this but i play pc games and watching movies sometimes, can i use mdr 1r with my surround soundcard...
  19. kezzo

    headphone hesitation

    sony mdr-1r or technics rpdh 1200 ?   whats your opinion?
  20. Tyll Hertsens

    What if you could only have one headphone....or two. What would you choose?

    Spurred by a thought from another thread, I came to the conclusion the answering the following questions might be the most important thing we could do for consumers at large.   And I thought it might make a great topic for an article.   And I also thought it would be a great topic for a...
  21. kezzo

    sony mdr-1r for multi purpose use?

    Hi community,   i found sony mdr 1r for a discount decent price. i have creative recon 3d usb sound card, if i buy sony can i use it for gaming and movies?   i am not an audiophilie and its ok if i couldnt hear precise positional sound. but i want good powerfull bumping sounds   any thoughts?
  22. YoshiokaKiyoe

    Can you guys help me choose between these headphones?

    Hi.   Well i´m from Peru, and i do not really have a music store where i can try some headphones, so i was reading a lot and i´m still very confused.   The other problem is that the headphones on my country are so damn expensive (like 150-200$ more than us stores), so i can only choose from...
  23. Andyken

    Philips Fidelio L2 - review and comparison with (a lot of) other headphones

    I received my new Fidelio L2 headphones a few days ago and just thought I would share my thoughts. I read all the reviews and forum comments I could before ordering and was a little worried they might have been over-hyped, but I have to say that so far I am very, very impressed.   A little...
  24. astroid

    Awesome or Gimmick ? Sonys MDR-1ADAC   Strange move Sony!
  25. XERO1

    Sony MDR-1A - Sony's latest update on the 1R

    The MDR-1A has just became available for pre-order on Sony USA's website for $299.99 with a 9-30-14 release date.   I'm really hoping that these will have a significant SQ improvement over the 1R/1R MkII since the 1A's are using a new ALCP 40mm driver.   Can't wait to hear these for myself...