Sony MDR-1A - Sony's latest update on the 1R

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Sep 6, 2014.
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  1. XERO1
    The MDR-1A has just became available for pre-order on Sony USA's website for $299.99 with a 9-30-14 release date.
    I'm really hoping that these will have a significant SQ improvement over the 1R/1R MkII since the 1A's are using a new ALCP 40mm driver.
    Can't wait to hear these for myself!

    Now on
    9-5-16 Update:
    2 years after the release of the MDR-1A, Sony has just added another version of the MDR-1A to their lineup!
    The MDR-1A Limited Edition has a matte black finish with perforated leather earcups and headband.  It should have the same MSRP as the regular 1A.
    It sure looks sexy! [​IMG]

    (This image is a render.  I will provide images of the real headphone as they become available.)
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  2. AUserName501
    Major problems with the MDR-1R was the awful boomy bass, frequency response notch between 2Khz and 8Khz and poor power handling. Hopefully, using aluminium coated LCP instead of LCP will improve this but I wouldn't expect to see massive improvements.
    For a $300 closed headphone you should be getting a smooth frequency response curve, tight bass without sub-bass roll off and good clarity. They need to be as good as the Spirit Pro and NAD HP50.
  3. munchzilla
    definitely interested in hearing these, I like my modded MDR-1R but the stock ones weren't very impressive. super comfy and good looking and light weight, very nice portables for those reasons.
    I assume the cable mount is fixed too? as the 1R's wasn't very solid.
  4. Boffy
    This! I am satisfied regarding the sound, since I use them as my portable headphones and I have another home setup. However, that cable rattle issue was a huge disappointment for me.
    Also, would you please explain to me your 1R mod if you don't mind? I am curious if I can improve the SQ on my stock 1R.  
  5. munchzilla

    this is the mod I did for mine [​IMG]
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  6. XERO1
    Here's some new pics that were just posted on the MDR-1A's Amazon product pages.
    It looks like the silver parts of the MDR-1A/S have a slightly blue/greyish cast to them compared to the original MDR-1R/S.
    The MDR-1A/B's colors appears to be relatively unchanged.
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  7. rhull1973
    Is it just me or do the pads seem deeper?
  8. munchzilla
    I thought so too, but it doesn't seem like it in the photos of these models wearing them.
  9. wigglepuff
    the pads seems thicker in the pic, like those pads with rope underneat them to make them deeper(youtube video tutorial). I wonder how they will sound compared to the 1rmk2, hope they will be great.
  10. rgr555
    any reviews?
  11. HiWire
    They are incorrectly listed as the MDR1AB ($349.00) on the Canadian site:
    I think the main difference is in the cables – they appear to be offering Kimber and balanced cable options.
    At 24 ohms impedance and 105 dB/mW sensitivity, they should run easily out of most portable players and amps.
  12. wigglepuff
    the site you posted has an error, lol.
    1a/1b are probably for different cable configs, and are the new top of the line for portables.
    this is the new flagsip model coming f
  13. XERO1
    It seems hard to believe that a mainstream company like Sony would offer a $200 cable for its $300 headphones.
    It remains to be seen if Sony's balanced Kimber Kables for the MDR-1A will be the same as the thick braided ones that will be made for the MDR-Z7.
    But AFAIK, this is the first 'lifestyle'-type headphone made that can easily support a balanced connection, which is pretty sweet.
  14. dweaver
    the pads definitely look bigger and fuller. Possibly a bit more isolating, hopefully they don't lose their comfort.
  15. XERO1

    The pads for the MDR-1A do look thicker but appear to have a smaller opening for the ear.
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