1. oMalakai

    The good-mainstream brand ear/heaphones thread

    Hello Head Fiers! I think that it could be nice to make a thread with those nice discoveries of headphones that appear sometimes at the big brands. One of those, could be the well known Philips SHE-3580 for example that at a really low price, and available world wide it's a nice budget option...
  2. vivekr

    Looking for a low end in-ear buds. Please suggest

    Hi Everybody,   I am looking to buy a new in-ear.   I used to have a Sony Ericsson HPM 77 and was very happy with it(Now you get an idea what i am looking  for) I am not looking  for high end stuff. Now what i have in mind is SkullCandy Ink'd I would like to have some suggestions...
  3. bmeat

    alternatives to these:

  4. bmeat

    isolation for drumming

  5. Ballista

    Earphones ~$25

    Hey, I'm looking for earphones for under under $25. I'm gonna be using these for running outside, so I'm looking for decent sound isolation or noise reduction (whichever works better for outdoors). I'm not looking for anything special in the sound quality margin, but I prefer clear sound with...
  6. XenoPenguin

    ATH M50 Questions

    Hi everyone, before I start, I'd like to mention that I ramble. A lot. If you can't tell already. Also, I have a ton of questions... so this might be a lot of reading.   So, after a few days/weeks of researching for a good pair of headphones under $200, I found the ATH M50s. I've pretty much...
  7. Sparkyuk

    Looking to replace headphones and buy a portable amp

      Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but my post sort of covers every section here :)   At present all of my audio gear is set up for my laptop and is simply not practical for portable use. As I spend a fair amount of time using my laptop & Gaming I own a pair of Steelseries Siberia...
  8. jacobap100

    The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

    Ill start by saying the klipsch image x10
  9. sevinku94

    Headphones on a budget

    So I don't really know that much about headphones but after a couple experiences with legitimately noise-isolating and decent sounding buds, I want a respectable pair.  I have a budget of about $50 or maybe more and I would prefer noise isolating IEMs but wouldn't mind a decent pair of over-ear...
  10. Gideon

    Hello and help please...

    Hello,   Just joined the forums as everytime i have had a query on audio i always seem to end up back on this site so thought i'd join you guys and see if i can get some help from your expertise/experience.   I've not really been into IEMs as i've always found the quality was awful...
  11. AlexB1001

    Diddy Beats vs Skullcandy Ink'd

    I'm very confused, because I just spent over £100 to get my new black Diddy Beats earphones and having tested them (and burnt them in for the entire night) they don't really seem any different from my Skullcandy Ink'd earphones. In fact, my Skullcandy can go MUCH louder, are much more of a slim...
  12. ljokerl

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Intro: This thread contains my sound quality-focused reviews of In Ear Monitors (IEMs) in my possession. It is meant to be a quick reference for those in need of earphone recommendations or a start-off point for research into IEMs. A more up-to-date, interactive, sortable version of this...
  13. Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds 2009

    Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds 2009

    Anything you wear on your head affects your appearance. As an interim step toward a face tattoo, consider grooving to the beat of your own drum with INK'Ds earbuds. Rock hard, look good, stay mad at the world and save enough money to buy INK'D earbuds. INK'D earbuds are available in your...