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The good-mainstream brand ear/heaphones thread

  1. oMalakai
    Hello Head Fiers! I think that it could be nice to make a thread with those nice discoveries of headphones that appear sometimes at the big brands. One of those, could be the well known Philips SHE-3580 for example that at a really low price, and available world wide it's a nice budget option. But, what about other brands and models? I think that having a database of some good options could be useful for people that want to buy something cheap ar nice as a gift, or as a a backup pair, or just to try something new. I will leave 2 short reviews of earphones that I have that were pretty decent :
    Sony MDR EX-10
    This pair hast been used for almost 3 years and still going strong! Amazing quality. Pretty cheap, and comes with Sony Hybrid tips
    Pros :
    -Decent separation
    -Warmish sound without ugly peaks
    -Fair soundstage
    -Good light and flexible cable
    -Chin slider
    -Nice small L plug
    -No driver flex
    Cons :
    -Above average isolation (Has many vents)
    -Channel imabalance on my pair
    -Lack of strain reliefs?
    -Treble lacks extension
    (Pictures show Meelec medium tips)
    Skullcandy Ink'd
    I got this for Christmas and with EQ (A must, IMO) they turned out pretty decent
    Pros :
    -Nice bass (With boost, can reach eartquake levels, hits pretty low too)
    -Thin flat cable, doesn't feel like a rubber fetuccini
    -Build quality is pretty ok
    -Good for a "fun" bassy sound
    -Separation is enough
    -Isolation is decent
    -Easy fit, not really deep
    -With double flange tips, they really improve
    Cons :
    -Small soundstage
    -Harsh, really dry treble. Feels like it hasn't decay
    -Recessed mids
    -Needs EQ to be good, otherwise, it will sound really V shaped, hollow, and peaky.
    -Straight plug is too long
    -Stock tips suck
  2. earfonia
    Nice clear and to the point reviews!
    I vote for Narmoo S1 and Xiaomi Piston iF edition as best IEMs under $50.  IMHO Narmoo S1 is better than the Xiaomi.
    Another good candidate with microphone for smartphone would be the SteelSeries Flux.
    I've them all, so this is based on my experience.
  3. oMalakai
    Oh, of course those ones are good, but here I can only get them online. The headphone market is really sad here, on big stores, retail, and stuff, I can only buy the low-mid end products of Sony, Philips, Panasonic and maybe Pioneer. Actually, I know just one store that it has audiophile type audio equipment (From Brainwavz to Audeze), so, sometimes, I wonder if in all those cheap mass-oriented products there is something decent. Probably with some patience I could find the Flux tho.
  4. oMalakai
    Review as a bump
    Philips SHE-3500
    Pros :
    -Same as 3580 about build, fit, etc -
    -Sound is quite different compared to the 3580 : More treble, less bass
    -More treble gives the impression of more detail
    -Soundstage and separation is quite good considering the price and the size
    -Less bass than 3580, but still hits low and deep.
    -Tips are better. Thicker silicone core and L size tip doesn't feel like it's a M really stretetched out.
    Cons :
    -Hot, peaky treble. Tame it with EQ and you got a nice signature, overall
    -Same cons as 3580 (Cable could be better, lack of strain reliefs, weak plug...)
    -NEEDS EQ imo.

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