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Hello and help please...

  1. Gideon
    Just joined the forums as everytime i have had a query on audio i always seem to end up back on this site so thought i'd join you guys and see if i can get some help from your expertise/experience.
    I've not really been into IEMs as i've always found the quality was awful (admittidly it was just with the freebies i get with the MP3 players/Phones) but with my new phone i got a punch to the gut on that theory.
    I bought the Dell Streak (some love it some hate it but it suits me) and it came with these nice IEMs with an inline mic, the mic was crystal clear and there was barely any background noise for the person listening to me and the headphones sat snuggly into the ear canal and didn't keep working loose and as such losing the quality (like so many do)....i've since found out how important the fit is after reading many articles on here so a big thanks to that wake up call guys.
    Then comes the sound quality, i was amazed that freebie headphones had a precise bass that was clear but very powerful, i do like bass because of the type of music i listen to but i don't want it to take over and just drill into your head so you can't hear any of the mid or hi's.
    I was so impressed with these they have changed my way of looking at the IEMs and making them my preference for the walk up the shops (rather than looking like a cyberman with rather large headphones).
    Unfortunately during a very bad week for myself where a lot of my electronic equipment all failed at the same time (damned xbox) i think caught one of the phones under the coaster on my chair at work, when i rolled the chair back and saw it had ripped the headphones i was gutted.
    After looking into replacement's i've then found that there are a few floating around in the budget area (not the richest bloke i'm afraid).
    Here's my shortlist so far:
    v-moda vibe duo
    skullcandy fmj 2009 or 2010
    soundmagic pl50
    nu-force 7 or 8
    dell streak headphones (can't find the specs or who actually makes them for dell)

    Anyone got any recommendations or even alternatives?
    If it helps here's a few example tracks that i used to test the dell streak headphones when i got them.
    She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
    Killswitch Engage - End of heartache
    Tracey Chapman - Another sun
    Sorry it's such a long post but i thought i'd put in as much info as possible about my dilema.
    Thanks for reading
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    Maximo iM-590 or they do a mic version too that may be of interest
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  3. Gideon
    Thanks for those recommendations they hadn't come up in my searches [​IMG]
    Whilst looking for information on them i came across www.buydigi.co.uk who are selling them for about £42, then on the off chance i thought i'd see if they did the nu-force ne7m's as well (getting fed up with the price being twice the US price).
    Sure enough there they were for £46, now that puts me in a tricky situation....rather than trying to find someone selling things i've found them in the UK and at a good price!
    How do you think these two go against each other head to head?
    Oh and is the Maximo IP-595 the version with the Mic you were thinking of?
    Thanks again


    Just found those as well for £47.99
    Now i've found a UK seller with all the brands i was looking into at decent prices and in stock it's even harder to decide hehe
    Think i'm going to just have to take a plunge with one of these
  4. mark2410 Contributor
    ooooohhhhhhhhh your in the UK well that changes things a bit
    id now say Radiopaq Jazz and my default suggestion without you specifying abit how you want them to sound
    and ive not heard the ne-7 so i cant say
  5. Gideon
    Radiopaq Jazz....you mean these ones?
    Not a bad price either.
    How i want them to sound wise...hmmm...i'll try and describe it as best i can...
    Strong, heavy hitting punchy bass (not overbearing flat and muddied though) and not blurring out the mid and high ends.
    I'd heard from many reviews that this kind of area was the nu-force's strenghts hence they were high up on my list.
    I listen to a lot of metal/acoustic rock/country and some old 80's cheese and a nice sub style punchy bass really makes this kind of music sound so much better.
    I kept getting either overbearing bass or horrible treble type sounds when i've just gone with over the counter high street style budget brands so i think it's time i got some proper ones but alas the kids take up most of my money so i'm a bit budget limited.
    Hope that makes sense [​IMG]
  6. Gideon
    Hmmmm now i've got another option come into my budget....
    pixmania have got the klipsch image s4's on offer for £43...
    So it seems to me i'm down to:
    Nu-force NE-7M
    Radiopaq Jazz (as recommended by Mark)
    Klipsch Image S4
    So if anyone has any ideas which of these is likely to peform better for the kind of music i mentioned before i'd appreciate the feedback as i'm going to hit the buy button on one of these before the weekends over [​IMG]
  7. murano
    fwiw - Vendors on amazon.co.uk seem to have better prices for the Radiopaq Jazz ( around £30)
    I have the Radiopaq Classicals and they are very easy to get a good fit with and have pretty good isolation.  I  recommend that you pull on the back of the ear piece, not the cord when you remove them from your ear.
  8. Gideon
    Thanks for the feedback guys [​IMG]
    Radiopaq Jazz goes for about £30 as you said and the version with the inline mic is about £36, so would probably go for the £36 as with a Dell Streak (which is currently my phone and music player) holding it to your ear to answer a call looks a bit wrong hehe
    So i think i'm going to go with Marks recommendation for my first "proper" IEMs, i may still get some nu-force ones at some point though as there's something very interesting about them and their reviews that's still got me curious hehe
    After reading Marks review they definitely seem to tick all the boxes for my range of music although there was a recommendation for an amp. So that would lead me on to the question, how much for a basic budget amp that would accompany the Jazz to improve them for my music tastes i put further up (fiio e5 or cmoy or others?).


    Have just found if i go without the inline mic i can get the Jazz for £19.99 direct from radiopaq with free shipping!!!
    Might get them and then the NE-7M next month or a portable amp lol
  9. murano
    I think Jazz is very similar to Classical and Classical definitely does not need an amp with Sansa Fuze.
  10. Gideon
    Cheers for that [​IMG]
    I'll just order the radiopaq jazz first then see how they sound after burn in, if i feel it needs a bit more behind it after reading the portable amp forum i may have to hook up with Gary for a PA2V2 which i think would work best with the Radiopaqs.
  11. mark2410 Contributor
  12. Gideon
    Thanks for the help mark...should get them in the next couple of days so fingers crossed they work nicely with my music and my equipment [​IMG]
  13. Gideon
    Well they've arrived today....3 hours into burn in now....and i have to say Mark...love em!!
    I mean i can hear certain flaws in certain levels on certain tracks but possibly the PA2V2 will help in some areas, it's not 100% perfect but if i thought budget phones were perfect i wouldn't want to spend more at a later date lol
    The overall balance of the bass, mids, highs in general is the right kind of balance for my tastes so thanks for the recomendation Mark i think you were spot on for my price bracket.
    I do have one last question for you though Mark, with the current phones on the market and your experience if i had a budget more in the region of £100-£150 where would you put your money to get the same level of bass and keeping it tight and punchy, with the nice clarity of the mids and highs that the radiopaq jazz gives.
    I'm just curious about what the pricier bracket of this kind of sounding phones is, so i can keep track of future comparisions so when my budget (and wife) allow i can go bigger and better for this type of sound.
    Thanks again
  14. mark2410 Contributor
    oh IE7 easily, it has a very similar sound signature to the Jazz but is on an altogether different playing field
    and im very glad you like them

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