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Looking for a low end in-ear buds. Please suggest

  1. vivekr
    Hi Everybody,
    I am looking to buy a new in-ear.
    I used to have a Sony Ericsson HPM 77 and was very happy with it(Now you get an idea what i am looking  for)
    I am not looking  for high end stuff.
    Now what i have in mind is SkullCandy Ink'd
    I would like to have some suggestions
    Thanks in advance
  2. NA Blur
    elago E3
    $10 on Amazon
    MEElectronics M9
    ( Large bass response )
    MEElectronics M6 / M6P
    ( Good bass response )
    Brainwavz M1
    Brainwavz M2
  3. soundstige
    Apple Dual-Driver In-Ear Monitor (ADDIEM)
    $30 used on eBay (yes, for genuine pieces)
    Extremely smooth sound with good bass impact, and clean and clear midrange and treble.
  4. veyrongatti
    ue 170 sounds nice and warm (to me anyways)
  5. shinystuffbuyer
    Of all these, UE170 maybe a better choice.
  6. flash52595

    Agreed the usual ebay price for these are unbeatable.
  7. Proxymanity
    I would recommend the RHA MA-350s

    They only cost $40 with a 3 year warranty. My first pair was breaking from dropping it onto the floor and they sent me a new pair to replace it. However, they forgot to include the return envelope so I got to keep the old pair as well! They really isolate noise well, but you can still ever so slightly hear what's going on around you.

    They are relatively unknown as far as I can tell but ThatSnazzyIphoneGuy reviews it as the best inear headphone under $100

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