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The bassist IEM's you have ever heard Put Them Here!!!

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  1. jacobap100
    Ill start by saying the klipsch image x10
  2. albertnam
    If you mean naturally, I couldn't hear anything else over the bloated mid-bass of the Skullcandy INK'd. If you mean ability to be bassy, then the JH16s stand up to some pretty extreme EQing.
  3. jacobap100
    No I just mean the bassiest iems like a huge mid and sub bass hump.
    That kind of bass
  4. yello131
    Radius DDM (HP-TWF11)
    JVC HA-FX700
  5. ZARIM
    UE SF5EB with Fuze or H320(big bass), IE8.......
  6. JxK
    If sub-bass is what you're looking for, then I'll say Hippo VB.
    Great bass quality and texture, prodigious sub-bass quantity. No mid-bass bleed. [​IMG]
  7. rawrster
    Eterna v1 has the largest mid bass hump I've ever heard.
  8. cn11
    Audio Technica ATH-CKS70, Future Sonics Atrio, Sennheiser IE8.....
  9. minjae0810
    UM3X has really deep, detailed and tight bass.
    I have both the IE8 and UM3X, and IE8 definitely has more of it and it can go deeper, but UM3X sounds better overall
  10. aamefford
    Westone 3 for me.  Much more so than the UM3X.
  11. dweaver
    ATH-CKS70, IE8, Radius DDM (if you get a full seal). The CKS70 was just about like having a subwoofer in my ears though LOL.
  12. voicemaster
    Mee M9 & M6, CX300, EP630 all sounds like a subwoofer to my ears.
  13. ljokerl Contributor
  14. jacobap100
    Whats the difference between the Super Fi 5 and the super fi 5eb
  15. ljokerl Contributor


    There are actually three not counting the vi models - SuperFi 5 Pro, SuperFi 5 EB, and SuperFi 5. The SF5Pro and SF5EB were released long before Logitech bought UE and have both been discontinued. The SF5Pro is dual-armature and the SF5EB is a dynamic (13.5mm) + armature hybrid designed for extended bass response (hence the name). The regular SF5 came after the Logitech switch and is just a single top-firing armature (a-la Phonak PFE or ATH-CK70Pro). It has now been renamed the UE 600.
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