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Earphones ~$25

  1. Ballista
    Hey, I'm looking for earphones for under under $25. I'm gonna be using these for running outside, so I'm looking for decent sound isolation or noise reduction (whichever works better for outdoors). I'm not looking for anything special in the sound quality margin, but I prefer clear sound with some decent bass. Thanks.
  2. flash52595
    You could go for the Skullcandy Ink'd, although I personally don't like Skullcandy these are cheap headphones that will sound alright when working out.
  3. Gilly87
    For $20, try to find an FYE near you. They sell Senn CX150s for $70 online but $20 in some stores. Best buy I've found in IEMs yet, worlds above anything else in the price range.
    If you want to pay me for the shipping I'll sell you a pair at cost :)
  4. Ballista
    What about the Meelectronics M6? Those seem like they have good isolation judging from the reviews.
  5. flash52595
    Haven't used them before but they look alright, judging by the reviews.
  6. sari0n
    I would second the meelectronics m6's.  Sometimes you can find them for under $20.
  7. eke2k6
    Your original post describes the Meelec M6. Here you go: $22 and free shipping on newegg
  8. aleki
    CX250's can be had quite frequently for $20 around stores, although I would personally lean torwards a klipsch s2m or m6 for the price
  9. devilsadvocate
  10. nipit
    Soundmagic E10/E30. You can buy them from mp4nation.net , I would also suggest SHE3580, they are ideal for running as they are really tiny and you won't notice them in your ear & sound really good too.
  11. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Philips SHE3580?
    If you're using them on a phone I could suggest the mic'd version the SHH3580 too.  It's actually better to my ears but a bit fiddly with some standard stereo-only sockets.

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