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Headphones on a budget

  1. sevinku94
    So I don't really know that much about headphones but after a couple experiences with legitimately noise-isolating and decent sounding buds, I want a respectable pair.  I have a budget of about $50 or maybe more and I would prefer noise isolating IEMs but wouldn't mind a decent pair of over-ear phones either.  I was looking at the Koss PortaPros but wanted something better for listening in the subway.
    -around $50
    -small, portable headphones
    -good for riding subway, general noise isolation
  2. mikop
    Why get skull candy when you can get meelectronic M6 for $20?
    I got a few of my coworkers to buy M6 and each and everyone of them are happy with their purchase.  One bought another one just yesterday for his wife.
  3. buffalowings
    brainwavz m2's, one of the best headphones under $100 i have ever heard
  4. DocBlasto

    Probably because I've never heard of the M6s. I'm always open to new things, though.
  5. Riverback
    HifiMan RE2
    If you check headdirect they're doing a Hifiman RE2 + Fiio E5 for $39
  6. macbug
    I hate to say this (because they do sound great and respond well to EQ) but RE2 being semi open is not going to work for you on noisy transit, yes I had RE2 + fiio 5
  7. Youngblood
    Welcome to Head-Fi. I think a good choice would be the Klipsch Image S4, or the brainwaves M2. I think if you get lucky you could get the S4s around $50, and same goes for the M2s I think.
  8. buffalowings


    a for sale post appeared on head-fi yesterday, NIB M2's and a fiio 5 for $50 I think, good deal
  9. Youngblood
    Wow, that is a pretty good deal, I highly recommend this
  10. DocBlasto
    I just picked up a pair of deeply-discounted Sennheiser CX150's for $20 at FYE, and I'd like to take this moment to formally retract my recommendation of the Skullcandy buds.
    These are much nicer, if you can get them on closeout.  I wouldn't spend $50 for them, but $20 seems quite reasonable.  They have a very forward sound, rolled off a bit in the highs and a little bass-heavy (they remind me of the Portapro, but sealed).  Overall, the CX150 seem fun and lively and totally worth $20.  Plus, they isolate VERY well.
  11. RojasTKD
    My local Best Buy had the Denon AH-C560R on sale for $49.99. I looked them up on my phone and say them online selling for between $95 - $99. There were not many reviews online, but I took a chance and picked up a pair as a Christmas present for my niece and one for me. I have to tell you they sounded really good especially got the price.
    The other day I picked up some Klipsch Image S4 based on the revies I read. The did sound pretty good, but I think the Denon's sounded better and nearly half the price. If yopu can find at you local Best Buy for the $49.99 sale price, get them. Best Buy's site still has them listed as $99.99. Not sure if it was just my local Best Buy, but the one by my work didn't have any so YMMV.
    The Denon A-C560R are made for the iphone/iPod with an inl;ine mic and three control buttons. I don't have an iphone/iPod so the volum buttons don't work on my Andriod phone (Samsung Captivate), but the center button does work for pause and play, if it press the play button  it will automaticly start the music player on my phone. It also works for calls on my  phone.
    They seem fairly rugged and well built, easily tougher than the Klipsch S4's I got. I'm even thinking of getting an pair to use for running (if they have any more, I took the last two they had on the shelf).
    I'm not really an Audiophile, but I do own a pair of expensive Shure SE530's. The Denon's don't sound as good as the Shure's but are closer to it then the S4's I paid $80 for just a few days ago. The Denons do seem to have a bit more Base than the Shure's on certain songs.
    Hope that helps.

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