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Diddy Beats vs Skullcandy Ink'd

  1. AlexB1001
    I'm very confused, because I just spent over £100 to get my new black Diddy Beats earphones and having tested them (and burnt them in for the entire night) they don't really seem any different from my Skullcandy Ink'd earphones. In fact, my Skullcandy can go MUCH louder, are much more of a slim and comfortable fit, and the only thing that is slightly worse is the bass.
    What am I missing?
  2. captian73
    Sound is a very personal thing. if you feel the SC's are better then you go with it. However for the most part it's knowing how to listen that's the problem .... although having said that there is also a lot of BS in the audio world.
    When i bought the Shure SE110 earphones, I had to 'learn' that Shure are more of a 'Monitor' earphones, not a commercial sounding earphones, so my views and listening techniques had to change. the same could be said of the Westone UM1's and UE triple.fi10 that i got.
    As for your purchase, i know having owned a few SC, they're not for me, but if you like them, that's all that matters.
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  3. Bennyboy71
    You must have ears of cloth, especially as every penny you pay has gone into developing the best sound possible and not on spurious marketing.  After all, to quote their website, "Diddybeats embody the celebration of the finest in music, luxury and pop music. In other words, these incredible sounding in-ear headphones represent all things Diddy."
  4. ianmedium


    ..He says with tongue firmly in cheek!
     Must admit whenever I hear this fellows nomenclature I can't help but think of Ken Dodd ( You have to be British and of a certain age to understand this!)
    Seriously thought to the OP,  I hate to see people taken for a marketing ride. I really hope you will take a look at many reviews here and get something that is much better sounding for your hard earned money. There are many headphones out there that will trounce the sound of both of the ones you mention and save you a few bucks as well. Good luck in your search.
  5. SpikedJuice
    Who's Ken Dodd? The one on the right or on the left?
  6. AlexB1001
    Ah well it's all irrelevant now, true to form the Skullcandy earphones just broke. Shame that I just decided I preferred them. FML
  7. DrSpiv
    Sweet jebus, I just found out what those actually cost. I mean I've heard them before, but never looked them up. I assumed they were gouging their customers at half the price best buy has them for.

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