1. randaddy00

    Headphone plug repair/replacment advice needed (3.5mm stereo mini plug)

    Any advice anyone could give me would be welcome.  I have some Monster Beats Tour In-Ear Headpones and the portion which failed first is the wiring near the plug.  Repair of the wiring without replacing the plug seems hopeless, so I was searching (on the web and at some specialty electronics...
  2. ahbee1628

    NEED HELP! : Sennheiser IE7 vs Monster Beats In-Ear Headphone

        Hi guys ,   I have read many other post on these site but still have some questions left unaswered !     (1) Which ones are better? Please make it more detailed as to why and if possible your opinion on the pros and cons of each one.     (I used to like crappy headphone becox...
  3. xxhotchikxx

    Dre Beats IEM for 50$ are they worth it?

    I have not seen any reviews on the Dre Beats IEM's how do they stack up with the chinese brands/other sub 50$ headphones?     I have the ADDIEM's=$20, ME6P=$17, and have access to the REO's.  How do the Beats compare to the ones I own?
  4. AlexB1001

    Diddy Beats vs Skullcandy Ink'd

    I'm very confused, because I just spent over £100 to get my new black Diddy Beats earphones and having tested them (and burnt them in for the entire night) they don't really seem any different from my Skullcandy Ink'd earphones. In fact, my Skullcandy can go MUCH louder, are much more of a slim...
  5. Albinoni

    Best NC headphones

    I am looking into getting a good pair of NC or Noise Cancelling Headphones.  Basically what I looking for is:   1. Good NC 2. Good SQ (important) 3. Comfort 4. Good value for money.   Brands I am considering:   1. Bose 2. Audio Technica 3. Denon 4. Monster Beats   If...
  6. xmarks08

    Just Bought The Diddy Beats

    Bought the diddy beats in-ear headphones today at for $149 (yes they are overpriced). I've only been listening to them for a few hours, but I am actually quite IMPRESSED! I was quite skeptical after purchasing the Solos and Solo HDs and returning them finding the SQ horrible. So far my initial...
  7. CareyPrice31

    Which should I get (Help is appreciated)

    My budget including shipping to Canada =<250.00   Radius DDM Monster Tour (I like the ControlTalk and tangle free cord) Rockfosgate Punch Plugs Monster Diddy Beats   Any other recommendations?
  8. Gradoman

    Monster Beat headphones

    A friend is interested in these pair of headphones, I wish to buy the headphones as a gift. Any feedback about them? Never heard them myself. Source is a ipod, needs to block out sound. Any similar, suitable phones to consider? I noticed the Monster Beats are powered, any explanation why it's...
  9. Albinoni

    SQ of the Monster Beats Solo

    Can anyone here comment on the SQ of these headphones, how do they compare say to the ATH-ES7's or even the AKG's K450, and how big are the ear cups on them, would you say the same as the Senns PX200's
  10. cohiba44

    Monster Beats Tour, Monster Turbine, or Klipsch S4??

    Hi, My V-Moda Vibe Duo's died awhile back and am looking to get something to replace them. I didn't really like these as I felt the bass overpowered the sound of the music. I like hip hop and R&B, so I don't mind bass, but the overall sound of these didn't sound clear at all, imo. My old Sony...
  11. Bloodflowerz

    Grado 325i too heavy for outdoor use. Need an alternative for Metal music. Also, why is everyone in London wearing Monster Beats by Dre Headphones?

    Hello all,   I have a pair of Grado 325i headphones which I find heavy and uncomfortable. I am looking to replace them with something lighter and more comfortable which I can use on my travels too via my Zune HD. I predominately listen to death/thrash/goth/femme/metalcore music and I am...
  12. SchneiderStudios

    New Monster Beats Tour In-Ear

    I just saw them for Pre-order now, anyone know about these? what is that all about? they look really nice. the price is $150 Overview Beats Tour deliver sound so big, you would think you had speakers in your ears. Newly developed in-ear speaker technologies reproduce clear natural vocals...
  13. Monster Diddy Beats In Ear Headphones

    Monster Diddy Beats In Ear Headphones