1. Shanling

    Shanling M5s now with TIDAL - Dual AK4493EQ DAC, fully balanced, Wi-Fi, 2way LDAC BT, 3.2 Touch screen, FW 3.7

    Go to Post 3 for Manual, FAQ and Firmware Go to Post 4 for Reviews Introducing Shanling M5s, new flagship Hi-res player Main features: 3.2 inch touch screen Fully balanced audio circuit 2x New AKM AK4493EQ DAC 2x OPA1612 + 2X AD8397 Copper shielding of audio circuit Support Hi-Res files...
  2. S

    Shanling M3s - Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new to posting on the forum, so I hope this is the proper channel to include this! I'm having a major bluetooth connectivity issue with my new Shanling M3s: I can connect to my car's system, but once I turn the car off and later re-start it, the bluetooth goes into an endless...
  3. J

    Shanling MO firmware update 1.0 to 1.5 failure - guidance please

    Has anyone had similar issue: Upgraded Shanling M0 DAP from stock firmware v 1.0 to v 1.5. On restart of player, player is permanently hung on following loop: 1. Starts to "Shanling" welcome page 2. Restarts 3. Back to "Shanling" welcome page, with cycle repeating. Further details. 1...
  4. V

    Shanling M0 or M1

    Hi guys, can you please tell me your opinions with regards to this two. I cant decide which to buy , the shanling M0 or shanling m1.. your opinion is kindly appreciated.
  5. M

    [Shanling M2s] Playlists - where are they stored / can I use existing .m3u-Files?

    Hi everybody, I created some new playlists (with HiBy music) at my M2s - but where and in which format are they stored? I can't find any of them at my SD card? Where (and in which format) are they stored? How can I change them "by hand"? Also: I already have some own playlists at the SD card...
  6. M

    [Shanling M2s] font size, shuffling and sort order

    Hi everybody, I own a brand new Shanling M2s device and try to get through it's features and have some questions about it... 1.) I'm no youngblood anymore - so my eyes are going to need some bigger font size; unfortunately it cannot be changed. Am I missing something or can it really not be...
  7. Shanling

    Shanling M0 - Smallest Hi-Res Portable Player - New Firmware V3.6

    Go to post #2 for full specification Go to post #3 for tutorials, firmware update and FAQ Go to post #4 for reviews Introducing Shanling M0 Main features: Dimension 45 x 40 x 13.5 mm, 38% smaller than M1 Weight just 38g 1.54 inch touch screen ESS ES9218p audo chip 15 hour battery...
  8. surfgeorge

    Need DAP advise - Head Newbie

    I am looking at buying a DAP to have better music on the go. I already bought and compared the Sennheiser Momentum 2 and the Bang & Olufsen H6 Gen 2, and are about to send the Sennheiser back, since the B&O sounded better to me, with a dryer bass and more speed and clarity in the upper ranges...
  9. Shanling

    Shanling Hi-Res Portable Players Review Tour USA, Europe, Asia

    After some time on Head-fi, we decided it's time to start our first review tour! We were thinking which product to send, should it be the lovely and practical M1, great sounding M3s or M2s with probably best value? Easiest answer is, just send all three of them at once! To sign up and for...
  10. RaeCarruth

    DAP recommendations

    In need of a new DAP that can take micro SD cards and provide more than 10 hours playback of a FLAC library. Priorities are sound quality, build quality and battery life. Must to be able to drive a pair of German Maestro GMP 8.35. Would prefer a device that has physical buttons in addition to...
  11. Shanling

    Shanling Hi-Res Portable Players Review Tour

    After some time on Head-fi, we decided it's time to start our first review tour! We were thinking which product to send, should it be the lovely and practical M1, great sounding M3s or M2s with probably best value? Easiest answer is, just send all three of them at once! We know it might...
  12. Shanling

    Shanling M3s - dual AK4490 DAC, 2.5 balanced out, aptX BT, HiBy link, USB out, FW 1.7

    Introducing new Shanling M3s MSRP 279 USD Firmware updates Videos and reviews Tips and FAQ Main features: Fully balanced audio circuit based on dual AK4490EN DAC, followed with dual MUSE8920 and dual AD8397 headphone amps. Low output impedance, to assure best compatibility with...
  13. A

    Shanling m2s problem

    Hi everybody, i bought a New shanling m2s in mah, but fron yesterday i have a problem with the volume wheel. it doesnt click ammore. has someone the same problem and have solved? is it possible to open it to check the wheel? Thank you. Alberto
  14. Vulpes

    DAP Purchase Advice

    Hey everybody, need some advice on buying a DAP that is powerful enough to drive my Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 ohms) solo (might buy a dedicated amp later). Preferred sound signature: A good balance of detail and musicality. Would also prefer buying from a company that stands behind its products...
  15. nmatheis

    Shanling M2s Hi-Res DAP with AK4490 + MUSE8920, Bluetooth, & USB Out

    Thanks to a couple headfi buddies for helping me out with changing the thread title! You know who you are :) Thanks to golov17 for tipping me off to this upcoming DAP from Shanling, an update to the original Shanling M2. Translated from a Russian forum: "New audio player Shanling M2s is in...
  16. pekingduck

    Shanling M1: An iPod Nano Competitor / DAP || USB DAC || USB Transport || Bluetooth 4.0 + aptX || DSD

    Shanling just announced their new DAP, the M1, on   It's a DAP, an USB DAC AND a USB transport (200GB TF cards supported). Looks like the Mojo has found its perfect partner?   Bluetooth 4.0 + APT-X: support Bluetooth headphones. Can also act as a Bluetooth receiver.   Supports...
  17. tike71

    Warm low impedance amp

    Can anyone recommend a warm sounding low impedance amp. I want to tame the highs on my d2000, not sure if an amp can reduce sibilance but if so the better.
  18. Pariah1

    Which budget SS amp?

    Ok so I've narrowed it down to a few here and just wanted to check to see if I have the prices and/or specs right:   Matrix M-Stage amp (variable gain, socketed opamps) $270 Audio GD C2C/C2 $422 (variable gain?) Sheer Audio Dynalo HA-006+ (no variable gain) $280, ++ $450 Kicas Caliente...
  19. hal55

    Shanling PH300

    Shanling seems to have a reputation for good, musical products and this combined pre and headphine amp has me interested. As good as no information on the net though - has anyone any experience with this unit in both it's functions? Thanks, hal55 
  20. RazorJack

    Shanling PH100

    Thought I'd create a new thread, since "the" PH100 thread has been deleted (wouldn't have thought you guys would go that far...) Anyway, I've had my Shanling PCD300 and PH100 for about a month now, and I'm very happy. Just got a couple more n00b questions. - Is it a bad idea to place...
  21. mmayer167

    Darkvoice 336 or Shanling ph100

    looking for some advice. Wondering which amp would be best to power my 601's and m50s, primarily the 601's not really the m50's. I like the quality of the ph100 but would like the tubes of the DV   i'll be feeding it with a uDAC. Thanks everybody!  happy listening.