Shanling M0 vs Fiio M9 Audio quality
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Feb 25, 2019
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I am new to this forum and new to this community. I bought a Sony NW-A45 in Japan last March after visiting with friends for two weeks (I was stationed in Japan from 2004-2009) and still have many friends there. This purchase started me on the path to wanting higher fidelity audio.

Fast forward to now and I have recently purchased a Shanling M0 and a Fiio M9. I received the M9 first and thought the audio quality was good for the week or so that I had it but then I received the Shanling M0 in the mail and loaded it up with the same music I had on the M9 and I have to say the audio is remarkably better. I don't know all the words you guys used to describe audio but the M9 just sounds flat in comparison to the M0. I can hear drums, guitars, vocals, bass, etc... better on the M0. It sounds richer and cleaner, where on the M9 it sounds flat, difficult to separate instruments and the bass is almost non existent. I have used my Bose QC25 headphones, Sony IER NW500's, Mee Audio M6 pros and a pair of Sony MDR 7506's all with the same result. I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I really feel like returning the Fiio M9 or selling it on eBay with the way it sounds to me currently. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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