1. bollyraja

    Wireless Headphones for TV - Advice?

    I am currently using Beyerdynamics DT770 with my TV using the optical output going into a DAC then Phono to an AMPs (Corda Aria) headphone jack. The wire is not long enough now, so im looking for a wireless headphone solution for watching movies/console etc with good noise isolation, enough...
  2. Myneral

    Sennheiser HD vs RS

    Hello everyone! I am new on head fi and I have a problem with deciding which headphones to buy as my first expensive headphones :D (expensive to me at least)  Headphones which I'm interested in atm are the sennheiser HD 439 because of the replacement cable and sennheiser RS 160 because they are...
  3. hiphopjunkie

    Best headphones for hip hop

    I've bought two other headphones the Beats for $300 and the Sennheiser RS 160. The beats were heavy and had too much bass and this is coming from someone who listens predominantly to hip hop/ rap. The RS 160 was great and i loved the wireless capability(even though I couldn't switch to wired to...
  4. Sugi

    Need Wireless Surround Headset for Computer Usage

    Update:   Is it safe to assume that all wireless headset/phones use their own sound card built-in meaning no audio jack interface?  If this is so, I will not be able to buy a headset with a built-in sound card.   May be looking for a wired headset now? -Wired Surround Headset...
  5. Muskyhunter

    Home theatre headphones

    What do you all suggest for a set of wired headphones for home theatre use? I tried sennheiser wireless and don't like them, not enough for me. So many options, my budget is $200 or so. sennheiser hd598 and hd588. I also am interested in audio technica ath-900a and ath-m50. What would...
  6. Trastui

    Sennheiser MM 550

    I'm wondering if someone has tested Sennheiser MM 550 travel headphones. They are new and the price is quite high so there is a chance that they are ok. I recently lost my PXC 450 on airport and I really liked those, so I'm especially interested in pros/cons compared to PXC450. But since I...
  7. brrip

    buy rs180 now or wait for refresh

    Hi guys, I've been eyeing and stopping myself buying the RS180 for about 8 months and now feel that I can finally afford it. Only thing is, I understand this is a 2009 product so I'm afraid that if I buy one now, a refresh might be around the corner.   What do you guys think? Is the refresh...
  8. Enginplayspian1

    Is there a transmitter compatible with the Sennheiser RS160 headphones that I can buy?

    I accidently bought the Sennheiser RS160 headphones on ebay without a transmitter. Since I couldn't find the Tx160 compact transmitter on ebay, craigslist, amazon, or from sennheiser, I was wondering if there are other transmitters that the headphones will pair with with no problems.   This...
  9. D Rose

    Wireless Headphones Under $150

    Can anyone recommend me or point me to some decent wireless headphones? I've had the M50's for reference.   Some things to consider: My budget is flexible, maybe a little over $150 is okay. Bass heavy is preferred Comfortable is highly preferred I understand sound will not be as...
  10. jalyst

    best wireless headphone system?

    Hey ya'll, is this still the best around in your opinion? I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts. Thank-you.
  11. doggrell3000

    akg k912 wireless phones

    i am looking for a good all around pair of wireless phones . akg makes the model k912 wireless phones . is this model only sold in europe and asia ? when i googled the akg k912 i only found listings outside the american continent . not a great sign for bargain hunting . what is the scoop on the...
  12. exspiro

    Arcam rwave + Sennheiser RS160 - association problems :(

    Hey! I recently bought the Sennheiser 160 wireless headphones (KLEER) and the Arcam rwave, thinking i could easily plug it into my macbook pro and associate it with the headphones.   However i can't seem to make any progress on getting it to work!  My mac detects the arcam rwave and i select...
  13. essential

    Wireless headphone purchase for TV audio, recommendations?

      The girlfriend falls asleep much earlier than me, and I need to use headphones to watch TV in our bedroom.   I had a 40" Sony TV that had a headphone output, but that TV died, and Best Buy replaced it with a new Samsung (warranty replacement).  The new Samsung does not have a headphone...
  14. Winkylocc

    What should I select

    New to the forum. Hello to all. A little about me: I work in an aviation hanger. What I'm looking for is some headphones that I can make the case to my safety gurus that they are also hearing protection. The noise level is considerate with either the people around me or myself operating rivet...
  15. porcky

    Sennheiser RS 160 wireless headphones

    Hi all,   I seem to have a problem with my RS 160. The problem is not the headphones, but rather the transmitter. I press the power button for 1 second, they go on, but after a while the transmitter automaticaly switches off. This can be after a couple of minutes, or after 20 seconds...
  16. privatejz

    just ordered the rs 170

    i have been lurking around your forums awhile and since you all finally convinced me to pick up a pair of the Sennheiser rs170's i thought i would forward the deal i found for RS160 $128.60, RS170 $148.98, RS180 $203.22   cheers and thanks for all the info.   pjz.  ...
  17. blairhh

    Sennheiser RS 160 Orange Recharge Light Won't Go Off.

    Hey everybody.   Just received a pair of Sennheiser RS 160's a few days ago. Everything has worked fine except one thing and it is bothering me. The instruction book says that the rechargeable batteries should initially be charged for at least 16 hours. In order to charge the batteries you...
  18. KhawkRP

    Need suggestions for work Headphones - Audiobooks - Wireless

    I need some help, and after looking around, this might be the place to get it.  I need some suggestions on a pair of headphones for work, naturally, since that is the title of the post.  Let me give you the basics of what I need.   1. I sit at a computer all day long.  To make it through the...
  19. klvru

    Sennheiser RS 180 headphone is it possible to use it with RS 160 transmitter?

    Hey guys I want to get the RS 180 so badly but the portability issue is drawing me back! I'm wondering if you could use the RS 180 headphone with the RS 160 transmitter, since this transmitter is small and is not necessary to plug into power point so I could bring around and listen.   They...
  20. endverse

    Sennheiser RS 160 Wireless Headphones

    Hi, I have an issue with my pair of these Sennheisers. Every 20 seconds or so the sound goes out and I have to press the power button on the headphones to get it back on. What's the deal?  Thanks in advance
  21. cemk

    Buying my first wireless headphones, confused as hell. (RS 160 vs. MDR-RF4000K)

      Hey there!   I'm buying my first desktop computer in a long time, and I would like to get some wireless headphones for it. I want wireless, because I'm not good with wires. I'm not good with keyboard cables, I'm not good with charger cables. I break them, I break stuff because of them...
  22. Raymate

    Sennheiser RSxxx Range Questions

    Wanted to try Senns wireless range, I'm looking at getting the RS180   Looks like you can use up to 4 headset with the base station.     1st   Do they all need to be the RS180 or can I use headsets from the RS170 or RS160   The reason I ask is a friend of mine has the RS170 so if I go...
  23. ykyagami

    Sennheiser RS160, 170 ,180... Anyone?

    Finally next-gen full-sized wireless cans have landed on earth.. What do you guys think about it? Would the RS180's SQ can match that of the HD595? And, does SQ of these wireless cans affected by the quality of music players? I'm very curious about this since they're wireless system. E.g...
  24. BigMak2012

    Problem pairing multiple KLEER headphones (Sennheiser RS 160 & RS 180)

    I have Sennheiser HD 160 and HD 180 headphones and TR 160 transmitter. I have had them since a couple of months with both the headphones paired to my transmitter and they have been working perfectly fine so far. Both the headphones could be used simultaneously paired to the same transmitter.  ...
  25. Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphone

    Sennheiser RS 160 Digital Wireless Headphone

    Offering uncompressed digital wireless transmission and excellent stereo sound. New Kleer technology offers loseless RF wireless transmission.