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What should I select

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by winkylocc, Apr 4, 2011.
  1. Winkylocc
    New to the forum. Hello to all. A little about me: I work in an aviation hanger. What I'm looking for is some headphones that I can make the case to my safety gurus that they are also hearing protection. The noise level is considerate with either the people around me or myself operating rivet guns on aircraft structures. I need for the headphones to be wireless and for the battery to be rechargeable and to last for preferable near ten hours. I also need something with decent volume so I can hear. Outside noise cancellation and blutooth capabilities would also be nice but not a must. I have so far considered a bose set and the sennheiser mm450 and 550. Both have bad reviews on volume level which is important to me. I plan to use this on either an iPhone 4 or one of the iPod selections since my management has banned cell phone use on the floor. The real reason I'm willing to fork over this kind of money is I plan to use this to listen to textbooks and study material I have downloaded to iTunes. I will listen to music only after the semesters are over. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. metalh3ad
    Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet. 
    You can take a look at the Kleer line of sennheiser's, such as the RS160, 170. 180's. 
  3. Winkylocc
    Those are some great headphones despite the fact that they would only be ideal while I was at work and relatively stationary. The deal breaker is that they don't fill the role of hearing protection that I need. The environment I work in has noises that gets pretty close to a gun being fired at times.
  4. Szadzik


    RS170 is a closed can and should provide some isolation.
    If you have to be wireless and with good isolation get something like Senn HD25 and some wireless adaptor.
  5. Digital-Pride
    Hmm, if you need serious noise isloation then active noise cancellation might be your best option.  Here a few options for ya:
    Sennheiser MM 450, MM 550
    With these Sennheisers you'll find both wireless bluetooth functionality and an excellent active noise cancellation system.
  6. Waqar


    Yes indeed sorry about your wallet dude:) I sure feel sorry about mine lol.

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